Pre-Ponyville History


Dreamgaze is a quarter zebra unicorn. He had a rather unusual upbringing; left on a doorstep, he was taken into an orphanage. He showed an above average magical ability quite early in life, and waste adopted and trained in magic by a sage on the Peak of Kijoldi. During his training, he developed a manner of animating objects and constructs to do his bidding; however, said golems are directly tied to his lifeforce, presenting great limits as to the uses of this enchantment. His teacher died soon after he reached adolescence, and he roamed Equestria and read every useful book in every library he came across, and honed his skills as an artificier and alchemist. He came to Ponyville in search of an ancient library lost long ago, intending to spread the knowledge within to all ponies.


Dreamgaze is often quite random; however, behind his quirky demeanor is an intelligent, logical mind analyzing everything. He constantly gets lost in books and research, and can usually be found at his apartment, the treebrary, the park, or the town square.

The Departure

On December twentieth, 2012, shortly after accidentally burning down his apartment, Dreamgaze was temporarily exiled from Ponyville for dangerous unauthorized magical experimentation and illegal use of alchemy. Ten days later he returned with Umbra Hex, a unicorn whom he diverted from a dark path. He is determined to help as many ponies as he can in order to stay in Ponyville.

Player Notes

The most important and pervasive thing about Dreamgaze is that he is essentially an extension of myself. I put all of my personality into him. As smart or as crazy or as quirky he acts, that's how I act, and vice versa. And like me, he is adaptable and has a wide range of behaviors, moods, and ideas. He is my only OC and I have no plans to make others.

For most of the year I am in school. I usually have internet for most of the day on weekends. After school I usually have internet from from 6:00 to 9:30.

I've been posting pages from Dreamgaze's notebook on my deviantART at:

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