Very competitive pony who enjoys pranking and eating food, also ruined the first tornado in the episode "Tornado Fluttershy".


Dizzy (Full name Dizzy Twister, or often reffered to as Dizzy in short) Is a normal built filly, and she has some good wing muscles. She has a soft yellow coat, with two kinds of different pink mane and tail. She has pink-ish eyes. Her cutiemark is three spinning tornados.


Dizzy lives in Cloudsdale in her cloud house, which is located in the center of Cloudsdale. She spends time at the local café or on clouds, waiting to prank someone. She usually puts on socks when she's at home and going to bed. She works for the Cloudsdale weather team put often sleeps on her job and she is also a little clumsy!


Dizzy is very talented at making tornados when it's needed, when she isn't working or pranking she most likely will whistle or sit in the local café She also enjoys watching the sky during the night.