Denise Unicorn is a shape shifting unicorn from another universe visiting Ponyville. She used to live with Summer Song.


Denise Unicorn is a shape shifter currently in the form of an Equestian pony. Her coat is white and her mane and tail is red. Due to some limitations of her shape shifting abilities, there are some marked changes to her form. Her unicorn horn is black at the base, then violet, then shading thru the rainbow to a bright red at the tip. Her cutie mark is her own unicorn horn with red, green, and blue sparkles around it and is not a real cutie mark.


Denise Unicorn is of course a shape shifting unicorn from a different universe. She also has the ability to travel between universes. On her travels, she stumbled upon a My Little Pony universe, and has been visiting there ever since. She travels back and forth between her home world and the pony world for various reasons.


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