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Delta is a pegasus from Ponyville. She is a roughly 18 years old and she owns her own home by herself.


Delta was born in Manehatten in December of 93. Her parents grew tired of the constant sound of trotting city fillies and rude stallions who never get off the phone. The "city life" grew old. The family moved to Ponyville when Delta reached the age of 6. Now 18, Delta still lives with her parents in Ponyville. Her first name Delta was given to her when she was 3 months old after her dad's experience with Canterlot airline.

Appearence and Personality

Delta's coat is mint green. Her aqua green main is accompanied by a cherry red bow on the back. Her cutie mark is a winged heart. Her eyes are a bright bright red.

She is also best friends with Navi Flare and has gotten her into some trouble as of late. As a matter of fact on sunday, July 31, the two spat at random ponies in the middle of the night. Delta dared Navi to put a live skunk in Diamond Mint's saddle bag, in which Navi was put on punishment for a day.

Delta has a bubbly personality and is not afraid to talk to somepony she hasn't met. Not as shy around handsome stallions like a lot of other mares, she tends to giggle as a message of effection.

She has a robot clone that she had made to protect the house. She doesn't have money for an alarm or security systemso building a robot clone costed less to her.

OOC/Player Notes

Conversations can take up to 40 mins (depending on interesting the coversation is). The OC does NOT communicate with Rule 34 accounts.

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