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Daydream is a Pegasus Pony who currently resides in Ponyville. Her hometown is the Mist, Capital of Coltombia, a kindgom located south of Equestria and ruled by Princess Ciel. She is currently travelling around the world in search of inspiration for her stories.


Daydream is very innocent and easy going. She is shy when it comes to meeting new ponies but once she feels comfortable she can be very social. She doesn't consider making friends a hard task, but she enjoys being alone, especially when she is working on a new story or seeking for inspiration. She is not mean spirited; in fact, she likes to offer a hoof whenever somepony needs help.

Even though she is a pegasus, she spends most of the time on the ground, usually wandering around, humming a song or lying somewhere scribbling on a small notebook.


Coltombia is the kingdom Daydream grew up in. It's located south of Equestria and ruled by Princess Ciel. Their population is mostly pegasi, but there are Earth Ponies and Unicorns too. Coltombia doesn't have seasons, making it a great environment to create different types of clouds or weather related objects. Coltombians are widely recognized for their ability at cloud knitting, thunder bucking and rain freezing (hail).

The sun and the moon are controlled by Celestia and Luna, just like in Equestria.

Life at Ponyville

Daydream recently moved to Ponyville after living in Coltombia her entire life. She made this decision after realizing that she wanted to chase her dreams of travelling to different places and writing stories about her journey, what she's seen and who she's met. Her parents, filled with worry, tried to talk her out of this idea but Daydream, being the dreamer she is, insisted on doing it. Once her parents accepted the idea that their little pegasus wanted to leave the nest, they began helping her to look for a good place to go to.

At that time, news about everything that had been going on in Ponyville had started to spread, making Daydream's curiosity for that place grow. Her parents got worried once again. Daydream told them that everypony needs to take a few risks every once in a while and how now it was time for her to do so. Trusting her daughter's words, Daydream's parents gave in to their daughter's insistance and continued to plan Daydream's journey. A couple of weeks later, Daydream left her home and started her way towards her first stop, Ponyville.


Daydream's has many skills but her special talent is writing. She also enjoys music and art which is why it is very common to see her drawing or singing every now and then.

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