Dawn Flash is a slightly pessimistic twitterpony who enjoys racing more than anything.

Dawn Flash in Ponyville.

Childhood: Dawn Flash has no memories of his childhood, thus has no clue who his parents are.

Teenage Years:Dawn is currently 15. His earliest memory of his teenage years was when he was 14, he remembers finding himself in a desert with few memories of anything. After wandering around for a half year or so he found filllydelphia and decided to live there. After a half-year of failing to make any new friends he decided to pack his things and move to Ponyville, where he currently resides.

Personality: He tries to help anypony in need of it. Despite his kindness and his pleasant attitude he commonly ends up failing at what he sets out to accomplish, especially when it comes to finding a marefriend. He can also be somewhat pessamistic due to contant failure.

Cutie mark: Dawn has no cutie mark, which he hides behind the racing suit that he never takes off. This depresses him, especially because even little fillies are teased because they don't have cutie marks. He gets nervous whenever anypony even mentions cutie marks.

Racing career: Dawn defines his racing career as, "A serious of missed opportunities and depressing failures". He volenteer in most races that involve qualifying. As for races that don't, he places in decent places, yet is usually pessamistic about it.

Currently dating: Nopony.

Current activity: Hanging out in his house.

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