Well hello there lost traveler. Come gather around my fire, don't worry about telling me about yourself. I'll tell you about myself. I am Dashing, explorer and star tracker. I've spent years mapping the ever changing sky and will spend years doing it. Now sit back and enjoy the fire while I tell you about my past.



Rory fixing Dash's wing

As a young colt dashing learned of abilities early on in his colthood. Do to his special talent only showing up at night Dashing was taken out of public school so he could sleep during the day and study the stars during the night. His mother and father are both agents for the royal guard leaving the colt home with a sitter days and weeks at a time. Sadly when Dashing was just turning twelve years old, his mother and father were declared lost on one of their missions.

His only family residing in the deep mountains of the gryphon lands. There he spend the rest of his younger years training and learning survival skills from one of his now best friend's Mortimer, the son of a very important gryphon tribe leader. The two caused a great deal of trouble during their youth, getting lost during an adventure. Dashing only fresh on his map making skills made a couple of wrong turns. It was only when Dashing injured his wing on a bad fall he and Mortimer ran into another fellow explorer Aurora. Getting his wing fixed up and get helpful info from the mare. The duo was able to go back home and get their full punishment of having to watch the tribe camp for seven nights in a row. Once he turned into an adult he said his good bye to his best friend and all the other tribe members before parting ways from the gryphon lands.

He then went out and did his dream of mapping out the stars from various towns in Equestria. Spending very little to no time in a town to make sure there was no bonds that could keep him from leaving. While his nights got lonely the stallion doesn't mind as this is the life of an explorer and a loner.


The stallion keeps to himself at times, he likes the peace and quiet when he maps out the stars. He's been called flirty but honestly he doesn't see it at times. Although he doesn't have many friends, ponies that he likes he does everything he could to help them out.


Dashing's cutie mark


Star mapping, This includes star gazing and pointing out differences in the various stars. He also has a vast knowledge plants and natural medicine.


To be written soon...