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Dartz Skies:

a pegasus defend his brothers, family and friends, Veteran drummer. love meet ponies and have adventures


Dartz Skies live in Ponyville he is a veteran drummer and love meet new ponies. He defend and care his friends, family and brothers. He is a pegasus, love the hot chocolate, his mane is Black/Red, Red eyes, gray/shadow Skin, he isn't very agility but he can fly little fast. when he is very sad, his mane turns black and his eyes turns blue. The only cure is get love of his family and friends. (relationship with Skylight Marble)


He born in Fillydelphia but now live in PonyVille study spanish lenguage in Mexicolt and music on Fillydelphia. He's got his cutie mark when he had 14 years old with his band playing drums and then is now a veteran drummer he don't like a sad pony, he try keep up all ponies. have a great family and nice brothers and sisters


Rocky Skies:2nd brother in the family. He is the best brother who everypony want be one, he sacrifice his life for all friends and family, but he is very sad when somepony leave his house or life. His cutie mark use to see visions and sense his family and friends, and sleep with Dartz somesnight, he meet Dartz when he arrive in the cafe and now is his best brother

Robin: 1st brother, he is quitly and friendly, his cutie mark use to make pancakes. when he is sad his mane turns black.

Skylight Marble: 1st marefriend. She is like Dartz, she try to keep up sad ponies, try help and have a lot of love. she is in relationship with Dartz. they are planning a service for sad ponies to keep up

Stormy Skies: father of Rocky, Dartz, Silent Bell, Skyspring and alexus is relationship with Star Catcher. He create the Skies househould,

Aero Corsair: 3rd. brother. he is actually out of NS. he don't have dad and mom but he has a nice brothers

Star Catcher: first mother. She love his son and stormy, she love spend time with the family, when she sees something wrong one of his son she try keep up

DrewScroll: his best friend, he actually graduated music on filly, he and Dartz love the music and is teacher in music class with Dartz and Blues. He's like brother

Skyspring: first sister she found me when she was lost and her parents leave her alone and now is skies family

Silent Bell: second sister, I find her alone sad and very shy filly on the cafe and I invite her stay with skies family and now is happy

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