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Dark Bolt hails from the southern part of equestria. He was raised by a tribe of griffons due to the fact that his only surviving family member had abandoned him long ago. He now lives in Ponyville, where he has made some friends that he has the constant need to protect.

El Caballero Paso

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Dark making his way back to El Caballero Paso

Dark was brought up in the dusty town of El Caballero Paso, which is just north of the border to Mexicolt. ECP isn't very big, as it all rests on one strip across town. The tribe that looked after Dark made roots near the base of a nearby mountain range. Most of the denizens of ECP seem to resemble a deep seated hatred for Dark, as he was not allowed to attend town functions or even admittance to most of the buildings. The town's weather factory was blown up and placed the blame onto Dark, as he happened to be in the area during the catastrophe. After the fiasco, the townsfolk ran Dark out of town and warned nearby cities of "El caballo de la Muerte" to insure that Dark didn't bring harm to them.

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