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Daring Do, having been an adventurer for the majority of her life, tends to be reckless and unpredictable. She loves exploring, and always takes up an opportunity to do so. She is generally sarcastic and cynical, but is normally polite to ponies she isn't familiar with. Usually in a good mood, she loves to joke around with Vinyl Scratch


Until recently, Daring spent her time as a fictional character within the confines of a book series written by a relative of [[[Tailsin Quatermane]] (titles listed below), where she spent her days unaware of the fact that she was living in a book. Her first contact with the outside world came in the form of Gilda, who was poofed into the series as a favor from the draconequus Eris. Due to the draw of an ancient griffon artifact, Gilda reverted back to her old ways, causing Eris to call upon Daring to retrive the goblet from Gilda's possession. Unaware that she was in fact in the original Equestria, Daring carried out her task and was returned to her book world. 

Her next brush with the Equestrian world came from Aero Corsair, who tried to sue her over advice she gave on the proper use of a shovel. Brought out of her book for civil court, Celestia ruled in her favor. Afterwards, Aero let slip that she was fictional, essentially crushing Daring's adventurous spirit, and causing all of her books to become 115 pages of Daring eating a salad.  Through many failed attempts at finding a new way of living, Daring realized that adventuring is what she does best, and it shouldn't matter if she's real or not! 

Daring Today

Thanks to some crazy canon changing magic, Daring spends her time in Ponyville.She's usually found lounging on Vinyl's couch, hanging out at the local cafe, or telling stories of her daring escapes to foals in the park. Her hat has become a known haunt of Pipsqueak. Currently, she does not write her own books, but that could all change very soon.

The Daring Do Novels

In order of publication:

  1. Daring Do and the Sapphire Stone
  2. Daring Do and the Griffion's Goblet
  3. Daring Do and the Curse of the Yeti
  4. Daring Do and the Wooden Mask
  5. Daring Do and the Platinum Crown
  6. Daring Do and the Gardens of Equestria
  7. Daring Do and the Alicorn's Shadow
  8. Daring Do and the Cove of Candles
  9. Daring Do and the Trident of the SeaPonies
  10. Daring Do and the Temple of Nightmare Moon
  11. Daring Do and the Legacy of Nightmare Moon (Sequel to Temple of Nightmare Moon)
  12. Daring Do and the Shrine of the Silver Monkey
  13. Daring Do and the Staff of Star Swirl the Bearded
  14. Daring Do and the Trials of Unity
  15. Daring Do and the Spear of Windigos
  16. Daring Do and the Ring of the Marengeti

Note from the Player

When I was given this account, I was super excited. Daring Do is my favorite pony, ever since I saw her in Read it and Weep. Because little canon had been presented to us in the show, I basically got to turn Daring into my own character. She's unique, in that way.

As seen above, my Daring is different than the one in the show in a few ways. One, she hasn't written her own books (yet!); and two, she has yet to meet Rainbow Dash. Since she's spent most of her time in a book, she's a bit rusty on Equestrian current events, and would be surprised to know the Crystal Empire has returned.

Other than that, I play her as closely as I can to the show/book character, and I hope you love her as much as I do! <3