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All of this is currently under construction.

Early Life

Olivia was born into a wealthy unicorn family in Fillydelphia. She lived the high life and went to a private school where she was teased and bullied for the majority of her school career. Once she graduated, she made way straight to Canterlot where she was recruited and has served Celestia as a maid and stewardess for four years. She is now retired and wanders where she pleases.

Current events

Olivia is currently residing in Ponyville in her vacation home.

Family and Relationships

Her adopted son is Twirl.

Her brothers are Crafty and Jeremy Kenway.

Player introduction and information

I remember coming into Twitterponies somewhere around April 2011. My original OC was Ichigo which is now permanently retired and no longer in use. I remember myself being the suckiest roleplayer. I always used text speak and never went by the guidlines. Well, as they say: Practice makes perfect! Look at me now! I'm very proud at how far I have come and what I've become in this community. I am not as interested in MLP:FiM as I once was, but I still do enjoy Twitterponies.

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