Early Life:

Growing up was easy for Cupi, he lived with his parents in Canterlot. He got into trouble occasionally with his magic such as throwing a rock through a window or into a vase his parents just bought.

Earning his cutie mark:

As Cupi was getting out of his school in Canterlot at the age of 8 he was trotting back home when he discovered one of his classmates crying. He sat and continued talking to her getting closer to her until his horn randomly started to glow and everything seemed dark for him. The filly was full of joy when it occurred hugging Cupi before racing away leaving him feeling the dark. He didn't notice he had gotten his cutie mark till after the same filly pointed it out to him the next day.

Growing Up:

Having been raised in a wealthy family he hardly knows what to do in life besides sit back and relax, and so that is all he did. He did learn some basic things he picked up from relatives. Life was rather boring for Cupi.


Although he isn't much of an Adult yet, he does live alone and must try and work to survive. His parents thought it would be smart to send him to a different town so he would socialize and not scare of everypony he met. Currently Cupi is somewhat employed if he would actually do work but he's rather just enjoying things Ponyville is throwing at him.


A Random goofball who has a long range from being a loon when he's with friends to a nice well mannered pony when needed.


Has little to no skills that are useful on a daily basis besides stacking things!


Recently, a witch threw a curse onto Cupi which causes him to become a batpony at night.




Siblings: None



Stacking, Meeting new ponies, Making new friends, helping friends, food, adventure.


Carrots, most active things, winter, mean ponies.

Player Notes

We'll get along just fine as long as you follow the guidelines and can handle all my crazy! As long as you're nice to Cupi too he'll probably enjoy hanging out with you.☁