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Cupcake lived in Coltventry in Great Braytain for her childhood, she lived with her father Donut Sprinkle and her mother Icecream Sprinkle, brother and 2 sisters.

working in the family bakery she earned her cutie mark when coming up with her now signiture rainbow fruit cupcakes, 5 years ago she decided to move away and started saving up, she then moved to Ponyville just over 3 years ago

after arriving in Ponyville she stayed at the inn for a few weeks before buying her own house, she currently works part time at Sugar Cube Corner


Cupcake lives in a house on Bridle lane

1st floor - the first floor contains Cupcakes living room which has an armor stand in the corner, displaying armor given to her by Dark Moon, there is a mantlepiece above the fire with various trinkets she has collected, in the center of the room is a coffee table that's usually piled with magazines or comic books, there is a lavender colored sofa in front of the coffee table, at the side of the room is a bookcase filled with books, comic books and manga books. hanging on the wall is a pink snowboard, the latest addition to the room is a piano next to the kitchen door. her kitchen is nicely sized with a small round table in the middle of the room, there are stairs to the upstairs on one side of her living room with a small understair cupboard and stairs down to the basement.

2nd floor - the second floor has a hallway with doors to Cupcake's bedroom, her bathroom and a spare room, there is also a ladder up to the attic space. her bedroom contains a large comfy bed against the wall at the far end and a vanity table opposite, there is also a writing desk on one side of the room. from the master bedroom there is a door leading onto a balcony with a tripod telescope just inside the door, outside is a sun lounger and a potted shrub.

basement - Cupcake uses this area as storage for old editions of comic books

Attic - this has been converted into a games room, her Ponymon cards are in a box under the small table and she has a billiard table in the center of the room



Cupcake's Special talent is baking delicious cupcakes, she also enjoys to curl up with a good book, comic book or manga, she also plays the piano and has also recently taken up the guitar

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