This page will contain descriptions and diagrams of the designs Compass has produced for the residents of Ponyville. These will include houses, business, and building modifications. This is an every changing article and is subject to change without notice.

Grand Equestrian Designs

This is Compass' house and design studio. It's exterior is similar to the other homes and business around it. It is two stories tall, with a thatched roof. It is primarily white, with dark brown of the wooden beams visible from the outside, similar in style to bavarian type housing. The trim around the roof is carved with little hearts, with a larger heart every 3 feet. There are three entrances to Compass' house/studio. The main house entrance, which is a solid double door, the entrance to the studio which is a single door, split half way to allow the top to open independently from the bottom, and the entrance to Color Droplet 's studio.

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