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"Colt" Stellation Starmaker of the Canterlot Starmakers, the lost son of General Ulysess Starmaker and debutante Gertrude "Strudel" Starmaker. Also the older brother of Suzy Starmaker , who is the only Starmaker family to know the whearabouts of Colt Stellation, as that is the name he is going by now.


Colt Stellation is a Stallion that doesn't quite understand or, honestly wants to understand, why other pony are the way they are. Not to say so much as he is unfriendly, far from it, however he has a fear of other ponies due to his past.

He has a higher affinity with the Constellation Beasts who had rescued him and raised him in the Everfree Forest. However he does not have a high affinity for other woodland creatures due to the Constellation Beasts being fairly protective.

He does however how have a bit of a weakness for mares as the only happy memories of his family has always been of his mother, Strudel Starmaker.



Born from the prestigous Starmaker family, his father, General Ulysess Starmaker, and his mother, famous debutante Gertrude "Strudel" Starmaker. It was a grand day when they were married, but an even grander day when they bore a colt. They would love the colt, maybe a little too much, but it didn't matter, they were the luckiest ponies under Celestia's sun. However, as they say, accidents, even tragic ones, can happen.

On a routine visit to see Princess Celestia for his monthly report of Equestria, a stray pegacoach had run into the coach, slipping past the pegacoach patrol. As it was from a trip between Manehattan and Canterlot, it was above Everfree Forest that they almost had flipped over and fell out of there coach. Luckily, with quick thinking, they only tilted over slightly.

They wouldn't discover it until they reached Canterlot to present the report, as well as the new colt, that the new foal actually had fallen out with the slight tilt. It was the biggest scandal that year, enough to General Starmaker to lose it and almost attack a local camerapony. They eventually, however and sadly, would give up. They knew that the colt was still out there and safe, that the colt would know he has loving parents that tried the best they could.

Live In Everfree with the Constellation Beasts

However he wasn't lost, he was found by a Constellation Beast, a Canis Major, in the dead of winter. Seeing the colt shivering and barely moving from the fall, it took it in and sheltered it as if it was her own pup, a Canis Minor. It would eventually find through the years of raising the colt that this pony might be special. However, the Canis Minor might not have thought the same, in fact attacking him when the Canis Major was away.

It would be in this moment, Stellation would find his special talent, as he yelled, but what came out was a loud bark. There he stood, face to face with a Canis Minor, and he was barking. Unlike other ponies, he didn't get weirded out by the scene happening, Stellation started talking to the Canis Minor, asking why it was so angry. The Canis Minor would eventually back down saying that he thought he was just trying to trick them, like other ponies. At that moment when they both bowed in respect, the North Star cutie mark appeared on his flank.

It is from that time that he would help other Constellation Critters, as he would call them, to get to have a better relationship with ponies. With this, they would form a stronger bond and no longer would they rampage as much as they did before.

Reunion with the Starmaker family

With this he would be found by his parents, and welcomed him with open arms, as well as his new filly sister, Suzy. However this wouldn't last long as his father, General Starmaker, believed that he should be part of the Guardpony, maybe even use his bond with the Constellation Critters to serve the Crown. As a result, he bid his farewell to his mother and his sister, his mother knowing full well he was not cut out for the Canterlot lifestyle, and his sister Suzy just knowing it didn't feel right but not understanding why.

Apprehended by General Starmaker and Royal Guardpony appointment

However, his hiding from society could not last very long, and in fact his father, General Starmaker, was still set on having him use his special talent for Guardpony duty, without fully understanding that the Constellation Beasts also have emotions and there own thoughts.

Stellation would be the one to make the careless mistake however, by revealing that he was General Starmaker's son in order to prevent a hefty penalty to be given to a new friend, Applejack, when she was recklessly controlling a invention by Henry Ford called a truck.

With this, General Starmaker had him apprehended and detained until he arrived to Ponyville, however it wouldn't be as he would expect. Stellation would go to any length to prevent abuse of the Constellation Beasts, even as far as a pie fight with military grade pies with his own father.

However, with the quick thinking of Drew Scroll, by inadvertently mistkaing himself for a colt rather than a stallion, they were distracted enough to see that what they were doing was foolish and instead they should resolve their differences. This resulted in Stellation teaching General Starmaker about Constellation Critters, whilst General Starmaker created a new Division of Guardpony for Stellaiton, the Constellation Division.

Thus with this, Stellation continues his Astrozoology studies in Everfree, whilst also swearing to protect Equestria and all of it's citizens from any Constellation dilemma.


Has the ability to levitate objects like most unicorns, but his true ability is how he can "read the minds" of the Constellations. On top of that, he has mastered the Critter Chat spell through more natural and organic means that other unicorn might not have even dared to attempt through living with the Constellations.


General Starmaker
His father, General Ulysess Starmaker, has served in Her Majesty's army first as a lowly private Guardpony, but he didn't mind that other ponies were surpassing him. In fact, many times he was allowing others to take the credit for what he was doing. He moved up the ranks quickly doing so though, mastering many defensive spells and being an amazing strategists. For this reason, he also is the most respected General, however he places duty above very little else, one of those things being family.

Strudel Starmaker
His mother, debutante Gertrude "Strudel" Starmaker, was and, on ocassion still is, a famous model that came from a royal family from Canterlot. She believed that even though she wasn't as strong as a earth pony or had graceful wings like a pegasus, she knew that her looks could at least do more than just making things look pretty. She had done modeling for many charity campaigns that most fashion ponies scoffed away because it was "beneath them" or dirty or low class. In fact, her most popular campaign was with Simple Sticky Strudel, where she got her nickname, Strudel Starmaker, because they were a up and coming company that wanted to share strudel to everyone, which eventually even made to Canterlot.

Also is the older brother to famous actress/producer ponySuzy Starmaker .


Just like most of the Starmaker family, has a large sweet tooth.

Is rather humble, but he was pivotal during the Great Draco Incident of Manehattan, and it was by his suggestion that they erect Memorial Tower to make sure that Manehattan would be safe for the next time they run into trouble with a Constellation Beast. However, he will never tell you this unless it is absolutely necessary, or somehow it is brought up.

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