Coco Pommel is an earth pony and a Bridleway dressmaker, who resides in Manehattan. She is formerly an assistant to Suri Polomare.

Development and design

Coco is an Earth pony with an off-white coat and two-tone blue mane and tail. She wears a white-bordered lavender sailor collar with a scarlet tie and a tri-shade hair clip in the back of her mane. Her cutie mark is a lavender floppy hat with a scarlet feather. Her name is a reference to Coco Chanel, a famous French fashion designer and iconic perfumer. The word "pommel" is a term for the front of a saddle, also commonly known as the "swell" in the West.

Depiction in the series

Coco is employed by Suri as her assistant during Rarity Takes Manehattan and accompanies her during Manehattan's Fashion Week. She is responsible for making the dresses; after Suri copies Rarity's designs and her fabric, she tasks Coco with making the dresses.

Coco is depicted as a soft-spoken and somewhat shy pony. She is routinely put down by Suri, especially when she remarks that Coco almost got her disqualified when remaking her dresses with Rarity's fabric -- Coco defends herself stating she was simply trying to make sure Suri would win. Throughout the episode, she unwillingly backs up Suri's comments and lies towards Rarity and her friends.

Coco appears near the end of the episode and presents Rarity with her trophy from Fashion Week. She explains that Suri lied to Rarity and her friends about her losing in the hope that she would win by default after Rarity gets disqualified. She also says that working with Suri for so long gave her the impression that it "really is everypony for herself" in Manehattan. However, after seeing the generosity Rarity showed to her friends and the generosity they reciprocated, she realized that there is more for her out there, so she quit her job as Suri's assistant. She then presents Rarity with a small gift of a spool of rainbow-colored thread as a thank you.

Rarity offers Coco a job with her friend to make all the costumes for his next show, to which Coco exhibits a subtle excitement. She is last seen waving her new friends goodbye at the Manehattan train station.


"Mind if I join you?"
— To the Mane Six, Rarity Takes Manehattan
"I've worked for Suri for so long, I started to believe that it really is everypony for herself in this town. Until I saw how generous you were with your friends and how generous they were with you. It made me start believing there was something better for me out there."
— Rarity Takes Manehattan