Cloudburst the Pegasus pony.


Cloudburst is the OC pony of funnyjunk user gfourtolip. He has not been featured in any fan fiction so far, but one centered around his sister Dewfall is currently being written. He is white with a blue and white mane.

Early Life

Cloudburst was born into a wealthy Cloudsdale family along with his twin sister Dewfall. His father was the owner of the Rainbow Factory in cloudsdale, where the family fortune came from. Cloudburst attended flying school for three years, and graduated early after recieving all credits needed. Due to his promising flying ability, he was recruited by the wonderbolts but turned down the offer to pursue a career as a weather pony, an area he had been interested in since a filly.

Current Status

Cloudburst is curently one of the top executives at Cirrus Weather Contracting Inc., a corporation which controls much of the cloud upkeep in Canterlot, Ponyville, and Cloudsdale. He fell under fire after hiring his sister Dewfall as the Precipitation Output Director at Cirrus, being accused of giving her a position she was unqualified for due to a less than stellar flight school record. Nimbus III, Cloudburst's father, died a few years after Cloudburst became CEO of Cirrus, leaving the Rainbow Factory to him. Cloudburst initiated a merger of the two companies, forming the Cirrus Weather Contracting corporation, replacing the Cirrus Cloud Contracting corporation.

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