A pegasus pony who hails from Hollow Shades, a sleepy little town that not many ponies seem to know about, tucked underneath a forest canopy and hidden behind Foal Mountain. Recently, around the end of August 2013, she moved from the hidden town to Ponyville, to escape her family's pressure in becoming a town patrol guard, as the bog is very secluded.


A quirky, yet adorably fun mare. As Captain of the Crystal Empire Weather Team, Cloud Tuft's specialty is being quite a fan with the weather. Her cutie mark, a cumulus cloud with a heart hanging to the side, describes her passion for it. Her favorite season is the mid-way between summer and spring, where the heat is never too intense, and there is just a right amount of wind. Almost for a year, Cloud has been married to a wonderful stallion by the name of Morpheus Giatros, (@mlp_MorpheusG), with whom she travels to work with weekly.