Clockwork is twenty-four old earth pony mare originally from Fillydelphia.


Clockwork Orange

A photo of Clockwork in one of her more 'awkward' situations.

Clockwork Orange was born to a talented locksmith and jewellery maker, reveared in her native city of Fillydelphia.

At the age of ten years old, Clockwork finally earned her cutie mark. This occured when her fathers favourite watch had ceased to work. Clockwork took the watch into her room and a couple of hours later gave it back to her father as good as new. Since then she has run her own watchmaker business.

Because business business wasn't excactly booming in Filly, she decided to move to a small town she had heard about. a small town located in the centre of Equestria. That town was Ponyville. Once she had become a full grown mare she said goodbye to her father, and left.

Upon arriving the town was in the midst of an all out pillow-war. This threw all the naive thoughts Clockwork had of a peaceful life in this town. After introducing herself to the local apple salesperson, Applejack, Clockwork moved into her new shop and settled in. After a job offering by a colt by the name of Helical Gear, she relocated to 'The Canterclock'.

Even though the watchmaking business still isn't booming, Clockwork has grown to love the towns bubbly atmosphere and wacky locals. She still resides there and isn't planning on relocating anytime soon.


Clockwork has Bright yellow and red mane and a piercing orange coat which she was named after. She has large dark orange eyes. Her cutie-mark resembles cogs with wings which represents her love for watchmaking. She has come to naming her cutie-mark 'Clockwork Angel'. She usually ties up her mane, but occasions has been known to just let it fall natural. She crazy like that.


Clockwork is an avid Red Hot Filly Peppers fan and is an overall afficiando of punk rock and all things bass. She loves to spend hours isolated tinkering with watches and various other gadgets and gizmos, always trying to improve and perfect her creations. She is also a fan of cult classic movies.


Clockwork is awkward and shy by nature and isn't good at meeting new ponies. But once she is familiar with someone she is zany, quirky and most definitely weird.

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