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Cherry Berry is an Earth pony salespony that sells cherries that she harvests herself. She loves to be cheerful and loves selling cherries to ponies. Her cutie mark is two cherries that are on connected stems. She currently resides in Ponyville and her best friend is Lemon Hearts.


Cherry Berry was born to Cherry Bloom and Yellow Berry. She has relatives in Ponyville that visit from some time.

Appearance and personality

She is a cheerful pony that loves hearing happy stories. She has a very light rose coat, with a blonde mane and dull indigo eyes.


Cherry Berry loves farming and growing cherries. If they're from the orchard, she'll pick them out carefully to avoid wilted cherries. She has a couple cherry trees that she'll have to buck to get the cherries down. She usually gets the cherries out after two or three kicks.

Recent Activities

She's mostly been quiet and hoping her cherry business pays out. She sells cherries in Ponyville for two bits a cherry.


Talking with her friends, for one. If she's not doing that, she's watering her cherries to keep them from wilting.