This page explains detailed ways on how to chat on Twitter Ponies.

Regular Chat

This is normally used in face to face chatting, it is shown as plan text. Ex. Hey There! How's it going? Good. Ponies who use this must be within the same area as the pony they are chatting with. Ex. All are at the cafe, park, town center.


Actions are used for when your pony does something, shown with two *

Ex. *sits down*, *stands up*, *drinks tea*. This can also be used to describe how your pony feels or says a certain thing. *shyly*, *scared*, *worried*


Used for when your pony has something on their mind, shown with {} or (). Ex. {where am I?}, {That's weird.}, {Is @sample here}.

Out of Character

Out of Character or OOC is when you are not playing your pony, shown with double () Ex. ((Good night.)), ((what did i miss?)), ((@sample i'm at the cafe.))

This does not have to be related to Twitter Ponies at all. Ex. ((My phone died.)), ((Away from Keyboard)), (( plays this samplelink )).

Tweet Bird

Tweet Bird, often abbreviated "TB," is a way used to communicate with ponies by passing messages between other ponies who have a tweet bird, used with <> with a mention or action before it.

Ex. @sample <Hey.>, *sends TB to sample* <How's it going?>, @sample <Nothing> These can be sent everywhere.

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