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Congratulations, you've made yourself a Changeling character for TwitterPonies. Before you do anything else, READ THIS PAGE. It's an in-depth guide on how to make your Changeling fun to play and play with.

Changeling Basics

Changelings are pony-esque creatures that resemble insects and have the ability to change their appearance into any other form that is presented to them. They do not appear with cutie marks, but can replicate them when mimicking ponies. They share their queen's beetle-like wings, her fangs, and holes in her legs

After a small chat with Megan McCarthy (creator of Chrysalis and her Drones) and Andy Price (MLP:FIM comic), we know that the drones have no “noses” - take a look at the episode “A Canterlot Wedding, Part 2” and the comics. They both pointed out that the drones have no sense of smell, and only the queen has a nose. The reason behind this is that the drones are actually clones. This is why they all have the same look and basic understanding as well as being imperfect.

Megan McCarthy also said that the drones and Queen have no backstory or future story yet, but in her mind they are creatures that has the ability to steel, feed or absorb emotions and magic.

Megan McCarthy also pointed out that it may be head-canon for her, but anything could happen - Chrysalis and the drones will change for future show needs. It's only set in stone when it appears on screen or in print.

Although this information is new and canon, Chrysalis will not enforce it upon drone accounts. However, she will act as if all Changelings are adhering to Canon.

Changeling as a Personal OC

Changelings as OC characters are hard to pull off. Here are a few things you should be aware of before making a changeling character. This is a combination of both roleplay tips and worldbuilding information.

First Impression

This is the biggest problem with changelings. Your introduction and how you meet other characters is key. Not all the characters, as well as show characters, will be open to roleplay with you, because you're a changeling. In fact, most characters have already established either fear or hate for the changelings, making it that much harder to play as them outside of Chrysalis' protection. This doesn't mean players dislike changelings, but many characters do!

Equestrian Citizenship Changeling

In the TwitterPonies universe, Celestia has passed a law, stating that any changelings who wish to live as a citizen of Equestria may do so, after they prove themselves. Speak with  mlp_guardpony for more information. If you choose to play as an Equestrian Changeling, below are some rules that you should know about:

  • Taking Another's Form is Banned: As a citizen, you will be asked to stay in your natural form. Breaking this rule can result in dire consequences regardless of the circumstances.
  • Blunted Fangs: Equestrian custom is that a predator's fangs be made incapable of piercing a pony's hide. This is not needed for the citizen process, but it helps ponies trust you. It's only a cosmetic change and will not keep you from eating.
  • Community Service and Employment: You will be given a set amount of time to help out around the community and be able to show others that you are with them now, you will also need to find a job or create a job with a source of income, this way you can provide for the house and your soy love.
  • Consensual Feeding: Feeding off of another Equestrian citizen requires that citizen's explicit consent. If you aren't able to get said consent, ask the nearest guard station for a package of "soy love". This "vegetarian" version of love was created by Twilight Sparkle and shared with the authorities in Canterlot. Guard ponies control the distribution of "soy love" and require a check-in from time to time.
  • Banished From the Hive: If you wish to play a changeling that Chrysalis has banished, you then have been disconnected from the Hive Mindlink and are unable to detect the presence of other drones or Chrysalis.

Core Changeling Information

Changeling Sizes & Types

Drones come in a few noticeable shapes and sizes but get them all together they are all about the same size, with a few noticeable differences. In this section we will go into detail the different known drone types that are considered official. (Via the show and Comic resources and only two creative ideas that are original but works soundly) granted as more drone types and information becomes known from the show or comics this section will look into updating this section.
  • Drone: Basic (Position #1)
    • Height: 4 (same as normal pony height)
    • Magic: Average
    • Flight: Average
    • Extras: None

The backbone of the Hive. All Changeling drones start with this basic model and all of the abilities that are listed in the next section. They are the same size as a normal pony, standing at (basic pony height), and have both a horn that is capable of low-level magic and wings, which enable them to fly. They are not considered to be alicorns. In comparison to a unicorn, they are average, and in comparison to that of a average pegasus flyer.

  • Pony (Position #2)
    • Height: 4 (see average pony size)
    • Magic: only if unicorn
    • Flight: only if pegasus
    • Extras: Cutie mark gives special attributes
      • Accepted Ponies get a Changeling Blue collar
      • Captured Ponies get a Green Control Collar

It is a rare thing for a pony to be accepted into the Hive. All Accepted Ponies are given a Collar that is coded to that specific pony. The collar gives the pony the ability of Darkvision, which allows them to see in the pitch black of the Hive. Pony comes in many types, shapes and sizes.

  • Drone: Silver (Position #3)
    • Height: 4 (same as normal pony height)
    • Magic: Average
    • Flight: Average
    • Extra: A position as well as granting power and responsibility.
      • Collar: Silver Neck band and two silver cuffs on forelegs.

This type of drone is known as a Servant Drone to Queen Chrysalis. This type only has increased rank and status in the Hive for being close to the Queen. also known for being logistical drones, silver drones also tend to the queen in the rare occasion she falls ill or is hurt from battle. they are chosen and not earned.

  • Drone: Medical (Position #4)
    • Height: 4 (average)
    • Magic: Average
    • Flight: None
    • Extras: Feelers (May or may not have a mind of their own.)

The most noticeable feature of this drone is that the wings have been removed and replaced by insect-like feelers. These feelers give the drone the advantage of having more limbs to do precise work. How the drone gets them seems to be a direct influence of the Queen’s magic. Only the medical drones may ask for this change after they have proven themselves. With the lack of wings, this drone type is unable to fly and is normally not sent on missions. They remain protected within the Hive.

  • Drone: Crusher (Position #5)
    • Height: 4.5 (Slightly Taller and Larger)
    • Magic: Weak
    • Flight: Weak
    • Extras: Increased Strength (Matching Earth Pony/Rock Pony)

A larger drone that is easily spotted. Most of them work extreme jobs. Perhaps that is what gives them their impressive size?  Whether their thinking and mental processing is slower is currently unknown. Mainly Hive workers breaking apart large rocks in caves or cutting rocks to shape for a wall. this drone is useful for its strength ability.

  • Drone: Alpha (Position #6)
    • Height: 4.5 (slightly taller)
    • Magic: Above Average
    • Flight: Above Average
    • Extras: Alpha armor
      • (Armor is actually thickened shell)

This drone has a lot more exoplating than normal. A few were seen during the Canterlot attack. They are like commanders of sort, And they have Earned the respect of the lesser drones. They are seasoned fighters and more skilled than the common changeling.

  • Drone: Royal Guard (Position #7)
    • Height: 5 (Tall)
    • Magic: Average
    • Flight: Average
    • Extras: slim, athletic, high maneuverable  

A rare drone. that is taller than the others, though still small compared to the Queen. They are easy to spot than the other changelings, and they have a darker presence. This Drone type is purposely raised to protect the queen. their only purpose is to serve and protect. they are much like Royal guards.

  • Queen Chrysalis (Position #8)
    • Height: 8 (Sovereign)
    • Magic: UNKNOWN
    • Flight: UNKNOWN
    • Extras: UNKNOWN

The most dangerous of the changelings. Leader of the Changelings and protector of her brood. Her magic is immeasurable for the fact that we have only the data from the canterlot wedding, even then she may have been pulling her punches and letting her drones chase around the ponies at the time. do not engage alone.

Changeling Abilities


You can alter your physical form to take on the appearance of any creature, including a unique individual. You retain your status in the new form, and your pony clothing, armor, and possessions do not change and are not absorbed into the new form.


You can fly naturally. You cannot fly if your current appearance does not have wings.

Resin Making

You can create a dark green, sticky goo that hardens to a black shell. It's mainly used in Hive wall construction. It has also been used to secure captured ponies.

Emotional Vampirism

You do not need to eat normally. However, you must feed on powerful emotions. The best emotion is love, but any will do in a pinch.

Standard Magic

You can manipulate inanimate objects via your magic. You can lift objects that weigh less than or equal to your own weight. Changelings do not have the ability to learn new spells or have special magic functions. You cannot use magic if your current appearance does not have a horn.

Hive Mindlink

You are mentally connected to the Changeling Queen. You can telepathically communicate with other Changelings in a short distance. This is also how Changelings know when other Changelings are around.


The changelings' eyes in their natural form have darkvision. They do not need a single light source to see, as the Hive is normally pitch black inside except for some things tending to glow green.

Changeling Items

This section will list known created changeling items, as well as roleplay info, making things easier for players to understand what the items do, or what would happen if you come across them.



A bright green substance that is thick and sticky like honey. When water is added, it becomes more of a liquid that is drinkable. Only the Queen Chrysalis can make it, so it can only be obtained within an active hive.

  • Effects on Changelings: A tasty drink that also contains a small amount of love energy. It helps calm the drones when they wish to relax and rest. Raw amrita has healing effects and helps changelings heal faster.
  • Effects on Non Changelings: First it's sweet, then has a sour aftertaste. When consumed, you slowly become addicted to it, the more you drink, the faster the addiction. It will also make you more compliant to the Queen's demands (but not a drone's). To remove the addiction, drink lots fresh water over the course of a day.

Changeling Armor

Changeling armor

Normally a dark blue Armor/Exoskeleton that only Alpha drones have with in the changelings ranks. They have been called the Royal Drones, that personally protect and will sacrifice themselves to protect the queen. The Armor is physically part of the body and can be shape changed, when the armor/exoskeleton changes shape, it is considered removed - that is, changing shape into a pony that does not wear armor means you do not get the protective bonus, but changing shape into a pony that does wear armor shifts your natural armor into the shape of the worn armor.

Soy Love

Soy love

A hard, candy like treat, that has been infused with love for changelings to consume. It is just enough for the changeling to live off as long as they have about 3 pieces a day. When given a supply from the guardponies, they normally will give out enough for a month at a time, unless they say otherwise.

  • Effects on Changelings: It's sweet like candy, but not enough to want more. Weakens magic ability. Your magic is also powered by love energy, and the soy love is only enough to feed you. You will only have your natural magic power, but without love to amplify your power, it will be weaker compared to a normal unicorn.
  • Effects on Non Changelings: It's sour and leaves a bad taste in your mouth. You may get sick if you eat too much, but there are no ill effects if you have one.

Changeling Pods


A signature changeling object, the pod has many functions. The pods are beds, containers, healing centers, and capture devices. A pod is mainly made of Changeling resin, but its simple design is what makes it strong and useful.

  • Capture pods: Normally used to contain captured ponies. Once inside and sealed, the pony cannot break out of it. The pod can be broken into from the outside, but it is designed to keep its occupant securely inside. 
  • Bed pods: Bed pods are usually the same shape as capture pods, but are lined with a thick gel that cushions the sleeper. This pod has no lid, for easy access and quick exits.
  • Hanging Bed pods: This variation of a sleeping pod hangs from a ceiling or any high place. The pod is completely filled with a gel that is magically contained inside the pod. This pod has no lid, but a drone can press against it and magically be let inside. Once in, the drone can float comfortably within the gel.
  • Healing pods: These pods contain a special gel that allows the subject to sink into it and be held securely in place. The gel is magically charged with various healing spells to help the subject recover very quickly from illness or injury. Normally, a submerged pony or drone will need to be pulled out of this pod by another Changeling.

Detector Plants

Detector plants

Found in the far outreaches of the Everfree Forest, these plants are magically sensitive. They expel pollen and a foul odor in an attempt to drive away magical creatures that like to feed on them. Upon discovering the plants, Twilight noticed their strong reaction to magic. After the Canterlot attack, she tested the possibilities of using them to detect a wider variety of magic sources. She found that they are sensitive to Changeling magic. (range is about 10 feet)

  • Effects on Changelings: The plant reacts strongly to a drone that is in disguise. If a Changeling is too near a plant or stay within range for too long, it will expel a pollen that is attracted to magic. This pollen will attach to the target and water will be needed to remove it.
  • Effects on Ponies (Unicorns): The plant can react to Unicorns or Alicorns that use magic within its range. Simple magic is the exception. Only extremely powerful or lengthy spells will trigger the plant.

Changeling Collars

  • Green Collars: These collars have a small, green gem displayed at their center. The wearer of this collar is subjected to the word of the Queen herself. The collar is usually programmed to keep the wearer in check and under her control at all times. This collar does everything from a simple shock to draining the warrior of their energy. Specific rules of the collar are established and agreed upon outside of the roleplay, so nothing is truly forced on the player.
  • Blue Collars: These collars given to loyal ponies and are not easy to come by. It takes a lot of trust for the Queen to give out a collar to a pony, but this collar lets the drones of the Hive know that this pony has passed all of the Queen’s trials and is considered a member of the Hive. To deny the pony the simple rights of the collar is to go against the Queen herself.
  • Silver Collars & Cuffs: In the Hive, there are a few drones, and possibly ponies, that have this collar as well as two cuffs on their forelegs. They are marked as Chrysalis’ personal servants. They have a lot more responsibility to the Queen to keep her happy, and to also do their assigned tasks. Silvers in their own right also get more freedom as their reward of being a Silver. They are also known for being close to the Queen.

Collars given to a loyal pony are enhanced to grant the Darkvision power.

Changeling Effects

Infected characters


There have been two references now to ponies becoming infected. First, we have seen the bridesmaids and Shining Armor in the wedding episode, and now the comic confirms this. Infected ponies are slow and are single minded. We do not know if the infection can spread to another pony, and for the safety of the role play, only Alpha drones and Queen Chrysalis may use this ability.

  • Effects on Non Changelings: You need to add the (infected) tag to your character's name on Twitter, EG, (Infected) Chrysalis. You will be slower and focused on your given task. If any character looks at you, your eyes will glow a green color and you will only do what you were told to do, and blow off anything else.

Changeling Emotion Feeding

Taste chart

Emotional Vampirism chart

What do emotions taste like for Changelings? Well, a small group of players sat down, thought about it, and came up with this idea on how to generally preserve Roleplay. This gives some new insight on how the changelings gain power and experiences. Below is a graph showing the different emotions that the changelings can pick up. It also explains how they might taste to us as well.

The idea is that the higher the emotion is on the list, the more nourishing it can be for the drone who is feeding..

In general, the tastes a drone can experience are the eight flavors of emotion, according to the chart above. Each taste is represented by a color. The location of the emotion also displays how filling or how powerful it can be.

Rage + Terror

Setting up a base line. Rage + Terror are on an even line, setting up the base line of Neutral Emotions for the changelings. There is no benefit to consume a character that is angry or frightened, so no bonuses are given for these two tastes. Is it food? Yes, but there is always something better, or more flavorful, just around the bend.

Rage + Terror emotion categories taste Salty. The difference is that rage is more of a spicy-salty. Rage is like Franks Red Hot Sauce, whereas Terror is more like Lay’s Potato Chips, the original kind. You can easily tell them apart, kind of like day and night.

Loathing + Amazement

A step down is Loathing + Amazement. These emotion categories taste bitter. They sit below the base line, making them unfavorable to consume. However, it is not the worst thing you could taste. There is a negative benefit to consuming these emotions. If a drone consumes enough of them, they will ultimately become sick. There is no nourishment in these emotions. A drone may need to resort to actually eating real food.

The key difference between Loathing + Amazement is that Loathing is more flowing. Personally I would go with Coffee, or a bitter, unsweetened cocoa. Amazement emotions are plant-like. They taste like dandelion stems or olives. The way you can tell them apart is that there are negative bonuses when consuming this type of emotion. There is barely any nourishment, and little to no power gained from them.


The worst is the Grief emotion. This category is sour. It’s the worst thing you can taste as a changeling, making this the most avoidable emotion of them all. Everything is negative with this emotion. Some might say they actually like a sour taste… but to a changeling, the taste would be the only pleasurable thing about consuming this emotion. If consumed, all stats are negative. So much so that, in fact, it will make the drone sick and it will remove an equal amount of positive emotions. The drone will receive no benefit and become instantly hungry. The drone’s power levels and energy may also be reduced.

The Grief emotions category tastes Sour. Downright acidic in nature, it is sharp like a knife. It kicks hard enough to make any drone regret they ever tasted this emotion. There is no other taste like the sour taste. Like most sour emotions, taste is always accompanied by a flavor either in candy or in a drink. Try to picture the taste like a sour gummi bear. It’s chewy and it lingers, but there is no flavor in the bear, leaving you with only the sour taste.

Vigilance + Admiration

A step up is Vigilance + Admiration. Their emotion categories are what is called Umami to the taste, which is appetitive in general. This taste is a general pleasurable experience. Mostly, this taste is an additive taste as in it is normally not. The taste stands out, the most common example of Umami is tomato, or MSG. Normally it’s always enhancing another flavor, but it is always something needed. In certain cases it helps make the dish.

The Vigilance + Admiration emotion categories taste good. Both categories are positive in nature, so the drone would not mind either one. They closely share the peak interest all drones strive for. The best example I can think of is to split the two tastes. Vigilance is like eating some cinnamon sugar cookies, or pretzels with just a little extra cinnamon on it. It is a combination of spicy and sweet categories. On the other hand, Admiration is like fresh movie theater popcorn, the right kind of salty and butter that you love. A drone that enjoys this taste would feel the taste of power, and could be sustained by this emotion.


The top emotion is the Ecstasy category. It is pure sweetness. It is everything you like and love. Be it cake, candy, cookies or syrup on fresh pancakes. This emotion is the reason why Changelings are harvesting in Equestria. Tell the changelings to stop would be like you telling Canada to stop making maple syrup. It’s not going to happen. Each drone can taste something different, as each pony is different. Every taste in this category is sweet. Changelings crave it. Any changeling that feeds upon this category will instantly feel refreshed and nourished. They will even receive a magical and physical boost. Love is the easiest ecstasy level to acquire in Equestria and is the most common.

Notes and Examples

NOTE: This is only a base understanding of emotion tasting in a Roleplay environment. This does not mean that the emotions actually taste like this. This gives you, as the player, a better understanding of what drives a changeling to, or away from, an emotion. Examples of this are as follows:

The Queen shared a breath with Princess Celestia while in the form of Princess Luna.

( Now here is what not to do ) She gets just a small taste of Celestia’s sisterly love. It is like a fresh, moist vanilla cake with homemade frosting. The smell is heavenly, as if the cake has just emerged from the oven. The cake is warm to the touch and compresses sinfully in one’s mouth. The tiny aftertaste of a strawberry remains after the bite is finished. She is hoping to get another taste.

(Now an example of what to do) She gets just a small taste of Celestia’s sisterly love. She closes her eyes a moment, and breathes steadily and deeply. A small shiver runs over her back as she feels the immense power of Celestia’s love. Opening her eyes, she continues her conversation, hoping to get another taste.

Hopefully, this finally answers the “what do emotions taste like?” question. With this information, you can relate to the taste in the real world and help your watchers and followers connect with your character. You can focus on how your drone reacts after tasting said emotion, which is excellent. Just be careful not to get too carried away.

Changelings and Twitter Law

The Facts from Twitter


You may not impersonate others through the Twitter service in a manner that does or is intended to mislead, confuse, or deceive others.

In order to avoid impersonation, an account's profile information should make it clear that the creator of the account is not actually the same person or entity as the subject of the parody/commentary. Here are some suggestions for marking your account:

  • Avatar image: The avatar image should not be the exact image of the subject. A small edit to distinguish the image, such as "background color," "color tint," "adding a stamp," or "inverting the image" should suffice.
  • Name: The profile name should not list the exact name of the subject without some other distinguishing word, such as "not," "fake," or "fan."
  • Bio: The bio should include a statement to distinguish it from the real identity.
  • Communication with other users: Through private or public communication with other users, do not try to deceive or mislead others about your identity. For example, do not direct message other users implying you are the actual subject.
Changeling changes

Roleplaying: Twitter allows roleplaying accounts. If you are operating a roleplaying account that may include inflammatory or controversial topics, we suggest that you add a clarification to your bio in addition to complying with Twitter's Rules

Roleplayer Respect

DO NOT change into an active TwitterPony character without the player's permission. Please at least talk with the character’s player about your plan on changing into them. Never plan to just be “any” character. Changing into an active TwitterPony character without that player's permission will get you blocked by MANY accounts. This is not just to protect others but you as well - some changelings that have ignored this guideline left the group wholesale because nobody would interact with them.

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