Her majesty  Luna's Royal Guardian, Captain of the  Nightguard and a loyal loving husband to My beautiful wife  StormChaser raising a family of two daughters. Keeps her majesty 100.1% safe and my wife 100.1% loved! <3


With what little known alone about my background as a small foal, I do know that I was born in Romaneia back in the dark days of Equestria... and with no father and a face of a mother unknown I found myself taken from my mothers hooves shortly after she joined the starts. Being placed into the hooves of the Royal guard had made my name known and created the fearless, non-average Captain that i am today.

I was taken into the love and care of the Nightguard who welcomed me with open hooves and a new promise in life's journey and end, sought out by her majesty herself, and I was to be trained, raised, and learn to love and to fight for all things good including the safety and well being of her majesty  Luna.

However, during the time of my immediate adoption Her majesty Luna was not as we know today, she was the all renounced tyrannical Empress of the night who sought to cover Equestria in eternal night. When i was growing with nothing more in my mind but to know and love her majesty as all her sons and daughters of the guard should I devoted my mind, body, and very soul into seeing her majesty 100% ... no 100.1% safe from the day I could stand to the day I see my fate!

After many years of proving my worth and climbing the ranks through fair and dirty trickery I was able to become Captain of the Royal Nightguard, all would know my name and I would become her majesty's most loyal, loving, and respected guards in the ranks, even as she was  Nightmare moon.  

Years past, evil reigned and I then grew into my prime... Her majesty was banished to the moon for 1000 years and with her she took the spirit and soul from her most trusted guards freezing us in time for over 1000 years until her majesty would return and free us into the broken bonds of evil and into the light of the good! 

Luna Banished into the Moon S01E01

Today, I stand proudly, vigilantly, and up most happily beside her majesty's side as Captain of the Royal Nightguard to proudly serve Equestria in its many diplomatic and problematic functions having our memorable times together whether they be good or bad, but either way, I'll be there to keep her majesty 100.1% safe. Had been used as her majesty's Guinea pig before and was augmented magically with a wolf to ensure loyalty, strength, and many other guaranteed positives... and negatives.  

Bass also excels in being distracted by the thoughts of his wife, listed as a weakness per say, due to the amount of love they irradiate off of them! Trying his best to be the best lover, father, and body guard he can, he keeps focus upon nothing more than what is justice and what is right! Also learning to become more social out side of the guard, knowing nothing much more than being a pushy Captain, He tries to meet new ponies and give every pony a shot at friendship always open for a small talk session no matter who or what!  

P.S Has the voice of James Earl Jones! ;)  

About the Nightguard and/or how to Join!

Click the link Below to get all the information you'll need on the Nightguard!

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Family members and Relations

Family members:

Stormy love

Stormy and Bass Cuddling

 StormChaser - My beautiful loving wife that Changed this stallion from a solid block of war hardened steel into the most squishy of marshmallows. I love her more than absolutely anything and I strive each day to try my hardest with her in my mind keeping me going and smiling! She is my one and only love and we share a loving bond like no other, also my first and only lover! Nothing can keep us apart and she has a great impact on how I act and what I do, usually things in an unprofessional manor as we are always acting like love bugs! So much to say but so little time.... <3


Echo is the Grey bat pony!

 EchoDropp- Our First addition to the family. We searched for and adopted our little fuzzy bat baby from CareingHooves in Canterlot! When we brought her home she was but a little baby mare with no clue what was to await her in this world, always scared, and never wanting to be alone. Stormy and I found little echo as a tiny filly just able to start her sentences and when our eyes met we just knew we had to be the true loving parents she never had! Through her life she loved to glorify her Bat pony abilities and turned into the beautiful, young, hardworking sugar addict of a stinkahoofs ( Her nickname from me :P) that we love today!



Our little princess of the house

 DropletDropp- Stormy and I decided after taking care of our little lovie Echo that we would try for a baby and to no surprise... We got one! Born May, 10th, 2015th a little under 3 lbs. We were blessed with out first child of birth. A whole new experience for both Stormy and I, mostly her, We had our struggles and bad times but we got through it all together working as a caring, loving couple to raise our beautiful Luna obsessed baby girl we love day through night! She loves her Aunty Lulu!

The Strange Relation:

Princess Luna ID


 Luna- One of the most complicated and strange relations out there! The foster mother if you will to Bass and/or the motherly figure to whom I've grown to love, respect, dedicate my life to, and protect that I also seem to find myself losing thought to a crush...Her majesty is the one Bass most looks up to and would give anything ever to make sure that not a single trace of blue hair upon her grace is even touched by the forces of evil lying my very life down before her! The best of friends and practical family, due to her being Droplets aunty, I look to her majesty when ever in need of anything and offer my service when ever it is needed and available! Taking her majesty's safety in first before breathing I know nothing more most of my days than to keep her 100.1% safe and to serve her in any way I can as I look up to her as a motherly figure who ive known for my life's extent and will continue to serve as her most loyal, lovng and respected guard and Personal guard. Luna even though seen as a motherly figure to me, I let my thoughts and emotions cloud my judgement and seem to have thoughts of blush and love about her majesty from time to time, even though I would NEVER and I mean quote on quote "NEVER EVER CHEAT ON STORMCHASER!" I share more than a few fond memories with her majesty but my entire life and I plan on serving my life's time to dedicating her safety and happiness no matter what the cost! Strange.. I know.

Close Friends:


Credit goes to original artist!

 BirdCat and  KittenCat- The Cats have always been close friends that we have shared many days and nights with! One of Bass's first friends outside the guard they showed me the benefit of having love within my life and opened new possibilities with in myself! BirdCat, former guard, is a well trusted and amazing friend whom i would gladly give a right hoof for to help out in any situation. His Wife Kitten is always a careing individual who looks out to help and make anypony feel right at home, the two together are peas in a pod and make a great pair or friends!


Credit goes to original artist!

 LightningK- Sir Lightning was a very shy and timid zebra when I first met him, a little off put by this I caved in and lent my hoof and friendship to this amazing Stallion to help him break his shell and crawl out into the wonderful word of friendship! Now standing as a knight, lightning specialist, and great friend bass can always count on this outgoing pony no matter what the deed! Lightning is also one of the best sculptures that bass has ever known and would recommend him for any needed architecture~ ;). None the less he is a very dependable and strong willed Stallion and a close family friend!


Credit to the original artist!

 SilverBulet- The most trusted and longest known of friends to Bass. Silverbulet was a former nightguard whom earned my fullest trust and gained the up most amount of respect from me as both a Captain and as a friend. We share many distant memories together and carried out many life and balance changing missions back when he was still a guard but now I know him as a fantastic host to one of Equestria's best radio broad casts known as #OnTarget! Not getting to see him very much any more due to the longevity of our busy lives we have little contact but he still has my fullest trust and friendship. With so much to say about him Bass can only explain that he would fit in as one if not the closest friend to Bass.


Credit goes to original artist!

 Cressy- A close dependable guard, and friend Cressy is one pony to relate to and trust more than others. Cressy currently serves as a close guard to Bass being my right hoof Bat-brother to entrust in any situation and/or task! Proving his trust, strength, and will to serve Equestria Bass looks at Cressy with a great and bright future full of "SKREE'S!!!" Out of the guard how ever is where Bass came to know of the grey stallion and grow quite fond in our friendship with one another. Dependable, funny, and a trusting friend Bass keeps close ties with Cressy helping him out as much as he helps me out. One of the most intriguing fighters i have seen as well placing his own techniques in the proving grounds, or training grounds as most say, he has bested some of the better guards. Now the Nightguard's new Drill Sergeant!


Dee the mermaid pony! Credit goes to original artist!

 Jackie and  Dee- Two mischievous beautiful mares that I met through my love Stormy. Dee is a young free spirited mare with all the right attitude always there to help a friend out when he/she is feeling down in the dumps! Stormy and I know Dee from high school back in the day and we have grown as friend ever sense always hanging out and playing around! Dee is a wonderful mare that always has fun, makes you smile and gets the mood flowing in the right direction!


Jackie the Jester! Credit goes to original artist!

Jackie the jester on the other hoof is a one of a kind Ace card played in the book of friendship! A caring and amazing family friend that i work closely with she, as a jester, keeps the mood in high hopes always making utterly hilarious puns and jokes bringing a glint of sunshine in any ponies rainy day! Close friends, work partners, and over all buddies Bass and Jackie have fun times at the palace through the day pulling pranks and messing around with one another through the day! Never letting anypony down she is a definitely the joker in the deck of cards we call friends!

And many more honorable mentions, so don't feel left out if you know who you are and or will be! ;)

Personality and Descriptions

Bass is an extremely work and justice focused stallion... and love, lots and lots of love, who works his hardest to exceed expectations and stay focused on the task at hoof no matter how hard or what it is. Always available to her majesty and willing to follow orders from start to finish i let nothing ( Minus the wife and kids! ) Get in my way as i pursue perfection in my given tasks.

Being Captain of the Nightguard, I am known as a fearful, brave, strong, and the most loyal of guards. Many battles won towering far over any loss, which are always made up for in the long run by the guards great accomplishments, as i take command and issue orders not only from my own strategic and quick witted mind but her Majesty's orders as well! I take everything serious, not really..., and don't like much small talk but rather to get to the main idea or point in conversation so he may seem rushed a lot but it is just how Bass is.

Also very renounced for his sarcastic cruelty towards my stallions and mares of the Nightguard in which crafted them into the liberty machines they are today fighting for the good of Equestria and keeping the nights much safer so you as a law abiding citizen or just a firm traveler may rest well. Over all a seemingly super serious and work oriented Captain, but in all truth he is far more childish and like a puppy than most think!

One of his main weaknesses is his wife, always making his attitude and seriousness disappear as soon as eyes lay upon her absolute beauty. Bass has a large love focus in life seeing his Wife as his one and only love in the world from start to end! She alone is who reformed my nature and crafted the iron ore into a squishy marshmallow of love and smiles. Bass enjoys being himself and messing around a lot!

Mostly acting like a dog due to augmentation he also gained a loving loyalty on Stormy much like intended for her majesty, which worked too, in which makes me 1000x more goofy! Bass has the mind set of a baby foal at times and at others a war hardened Captain with every strategy in the book! The mix of emotion and personality makes him the playful but down to work stallion he is known as today! Oh and he's also very over protective of his love and family so don't be surprised if he gets jealous easy or angry when his wife is talking to other stallions.

( Think of Lieutenant Colonel Hughes from Full metal Alchemist mixed with Braum from League of Legends )

Equipment and abilities

88ITS m

Bass's Templar sword

Bass's main weapon of choice happens to be a large 47" Long sword that most olden Templar's were equip with, Only this is specially crafted from Moon rock ores and stardust much like his armor. The swords blade is a mix of moon alloys and enchanted with the magic and strength he puts behind it, as well as being blessed by Her majesty Luna! The swords enchantment/blessing is what gives it the name "Unstoppable Force" or as he calls it, "Ragnarok blue". With a never dulling blade and armor piercing capabilities towering over that of the sharpest of tools!

Bass in battle armor

One of my Armor variations, the main one used.

Bass's armor is also crafted from the same alloys and ores founded upon the moon, this making it extremely durable and light of weight! Setting upon nearly full body the armor provides many protections, and as the sword, is blessed by Luna so that he may stay safe and return the safety she kindly gifted me back to her. The armor was crafted by a more legendary smith who passed long ago and will be gravely remembered for his honor and servitude! The armor suits the agility and protection aspects far more than any specialized armor granting me bonus armor and magic resist against his foes! This also grants my armors name and list as an "Unbreakable Object" which flows well together with his sword!

Bass also excels in Hoof to hoof combat when striped from his sword giving him the all around close quarters advantage as well as range with his very strong but hard to hit magic attacks! Depending the attacks strength on magic will determine if it can land the punishing blow, is usually very precise though always training and getting better physically, mentally, and magically! The hoof to hoof combat as well as weapon style is taken and learned from ages of olden gladiator tactics, mixed with both swiftness, strong blows, and Combo carries. Mixed from the lands of Romania to Braytan and sought out to be revived by myself! Currently Re-training in the elder Templar fighting style.


When Bass uses is abilities the biggest give away to evade an attack is that his eyes begin to glow their bright neon blue but with luminescence! Many of Bass's attacks that are dealt with magic are gathered within his fore hooves thus justifying his close quarters advantages. These are just a few of his attacks both physical and ability oriented!

Coda Force Blast- Charged attack that acts as a long piercing sound formed into energy to pierce barriers and armor

Sine Wave- Smooth sounding, but hard hitting. This attack is a low frequency ground pound attack that strikes those who oppose off balance while doing damage!

Banshee Swipe- A loud screeching hoof strike used when energy is focused upon my Swords blade, when connected it causes mass confusion and dizziness through loud noise!

Shadow Field- A night guards very tool, the ability to produce a dark field around an area gaining mass, attack damage, speed, agility, and power!

Bass Beat-down- Power focused upon my hooves, or magic if you will, nothing special but just my mixed fighting style of olden gladiators to modern training

Crescendo Crush- Becoming louder is just becoming stronger, this move is an extremely powerful spell that slams the selected area with music or noise converted into energy and magic!

Double Bass Ensemble- A medium attack that is caused when i fire two magic spell shots from my forehooves

Dynamic Forte- A progressively loud attack that damages hearing and is used mainly for interrogation. When on the field it is a bubble of magic that pulsates growing louder each minute!

Proxy Subwoofers- One of Bass's personal favorites, Summoning a small speaker with wings able to fire sub dubsplosives and sound shots acting under command and proxy!

Cluster Shot- Standard AOE ability of small/med power, used by most unicorn guards.

Octave Overture- A slow lulling song much like a siren that can either paralyze, put you to sleep, or render your energy useless.

Stand behind Bass!- Jumps in front of an ally shielding them with a massive magical shield that faces one direction only.

Last Requiem- An extremely powerful attack, Bass focuses upon the target when low and charges an inescapable beam from the sky that last hits anything or pony. Can be interrupted!

Bass Drop- ( No puns needed ) Bass grabs the opponent and turning them upside down he fully impacts the opponent into the ground using a magic boost while in mid air!

Tempo Rush- Gaining a vast amount of energy, and attack speed allowing for higher end combos, rendering the weight of my sword obsolete!

Violent Vibrations- Much like the Sine wave this ability can be quite hectic, the difference being bass can select a given area and vibrate the very air to cause mass confusion, loss of balance, and nausea!

Buckshot- A good defensive move, when taken behind bass can power his kickers to buck an opponent of and the magic weighs them down to cause greater ground impact!


Bass's Cannon.

LEGENDARY BASS CANNON- It's name says it all, a slightly different variation than Vinyl Scratches. My most powerful of moves and a guaranteed KO when hit!

Many more abilities and attacks, many to be learned, and many to be used!

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