Calli was born to a rather affluent family in Canterlot. Not having many friends, Calli fixated her attention on her main passion; makeup. From a young age Cali was obsessed with everything makeup related and, to be true, was extremely talented when it came to makeovers. The way Cali received her cutie mark was similar to others, she discovered that what she loved the most was her special talent which separated her from all other ponies.

Calli had only one friend in her foalhood, a young brunette named Lexi. Calli and Lexi played tail tennis all day, every day since neither went to school. However, something separated the duo one tragic day. On May 15th when Cali was five, Calli's parents went overseas on a romantic getaway and simply never returned. Calli had and still has no idea what happened to her parents on that horrid day. Did they die? Did they just leave her? Later that month, Calli was forced to live with her grandmother in Ponyville. She hated it there. She hated school, missing her best friend, the uncouth manners, and that was only the half of it. Calli often protested about staying and sometimes attempted to get on the train home. She had little luck. It wasn't until Calli became the center of attention that she realized Ponyville wasn't so bad. It seemed high class, wealthy ponies were looked upon as a bit of celebrities. Calli then spent years at the top of her game.

At age seventeen, her grandmother passed away which lead to Calli inheriting the old house which she immediately redecorated with the money she received from working at the Grey mansion as head maid. She loved that job and soon became very good friends with the Young Master of the household, who soon paid for the renovation. She turned the downstairs into a salon fit for Princess Celestia and opened it to the town-folk. Little did Calli know that Lexi had spent their time apart saving up enough bits to travel to Ponyville to be with her best friend. Lexi was born into the rough, poor side of Canterlot, living life in a single bedroom home with her four brothers. Calli had only a single brother named Spruce, a handsome, elegant stallion and typical mares colt. After working hard in a café, Lexi had earned enough money to go and find Calli in Ponyville. It didn't take her long to locate her since there was a huge sign saying "Calli's Salon"! They reunited and ended up working together in the salon, Calli doing the makeup and Lexi making beverages for the customers. Lexi's brothers later moved to Ponyville to open a peach farm. It didn't work out so they ended up working downstairs in the basement making the makeup, which they enjoyed.

Ponyville Life

Lexi did offer Calli a trip back to Canterlot to expand her makeup business, but Calli happily refused. It seemed as though Calli was in love. After meeting a rather handsome club owner named Lukas Gould (A.K.A Lux), Calli made it her duty to remain in Ponyville and love with him. She enjoyed every second with her new found love, often thinking of "popping the question", but as of now, that has not yet happened (key word being yet). Calli spends most of her time pampering herself and any other pony who wishes to be pampered. It is Calli's goal to make everything in site cute and she can often be seen at Ponyville Park planting flowers. Being unemployed, Calli searched and searched for a job besides selling makeup to her friends. She had little luck. It seemed as though ponies simply weren't searching for an experienced maid or slightly OCD makeup artist. Giving up in the job search, Calli spent her days at home resting with Lukas or being out and about making cuteness happen! That was until she heard about Princess Twilight's job fair, which she instantly took a shine to. Calli quickly applied for domestic duties and, of course, head maid. It is still unclear as to whether Calli managed to achieve the job.

Calli and lukas looking awkward by theartponeh-d8i5mva

Calli and Lukas

(Please stand by while I develop her future ^.^ I cant actually tell the future.)

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