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Bug Life is a small insectary has Canterlot. In this insectary, one can find the rarest insect of any Equestria (except breezies of course), and he even has a gift shop!


The Bolt Butterfly

A small butterfly with bolt pattern on it's wing. This species lives in the oldest factory in Equestria, making it a rare species !

Drooling Beetle

An insect that drool. It is believed they were the rage but this has never been proven.

Beetle Sandblasted

This species of beetle lives in the big Appaloosa desert. It is very rare but it is very hard to find because of its camouflage. Rare is the person who is already seen one!

Grelamp Ant

Grelamp stands for Green lamp because this ant species can lit at night. This species lives in bad land and when she light; it can scare the adventurer.

Lady cry

Living in red flower near the old castle of Celestia, This sort of coxinele can shout. Of course, it is more a means of defense. This allows avertire the timber wolf !


Each night, a lighting show is offered by the Grelamp Ant. A beautiful green light illuminates the living room

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