Brody Sinclair

Brody Sinclair

A talented pegasus pony from Cloudsdale, Equestria. Name often Abriviated as just simply: "Brody".


Brody is an average Pegasus, living an average life In Ponyville. He’s very calm and doesn’t faulter easily under pressure. Though he has to tend to his work, Brody is always up for some fun and exploring with his new friends. Though not the Everfree forest, As of recently he had to help fight a manticore.


Brody has no family living in Ponyville (or Cloudsdale) due to his retired parents moving to Manehattan. He has recently made friends with Red Blood and FlameDash among many others. And hopes to continue to make more during his time in Ponyville.


Brody was picked on when he was young for not having his cutie mark like everyone else did in his class. His father was an Inventor at the Board of Engineering Council in Manehattan and was frequently away on business. His mother was once famed musician who once preformed at the Royal Hall in Canterlot. Determined to find his cutie mark he took on both his mother and father's professions without success. Just about to give up, he took a "What seemed easy" Science theory and practical test in which he passed 100%. He was one of the 3 to pass this test in his class. After earning his cutie mark in Science, He then devoted his life to complex Physics and Chemistry. Later went on to help Dr. Fillistine in his work in Particle Phyics. Brody now resides in Ponyville working at the Weather Factory in Cloudsdale, in the Labs and or Snow biomes.

Skills and Talents

Brody’s cutie mark is a simple Atom symbol, which signifies the work field he is best at and also that he can create compounds and 'objects' in great detail, right down to the last atom. Although he failed attempting to play an instrument as a filly, he later took more practice in playing the same instument his mother used to. Specifically, the Cello. Although he can play it very well, he rarely plays anymore due to work or Social visits.from friends.

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