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Patricia Bree or 'Bree' was born and raised in Canterlot. She is a graduate of 'Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns' .

Her hobbies are:

  • Reading
  • Sleeping
  • Eating
  • Practising Magic
  • Making friends
  • & walks around town

Bree eaily gets upset,if you say the wrong things. She can be sarcastic,blunt and a bit rude when upset. She also raises her eyebrow/s, questioning your stupidity.

You can normally win her back by making up for it in whatever way you can.

But she is a genuinely nice pony.


Bree was born and raised in Canterlot as a high society pony. It didn't appeal much to her,but the big city will always be her home.

Bree tried out,and got accepted into 'Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns' at the age of 4,just before she got her Cutie Mark

Bree got her Cutie Mark while a blizzard was going on. She made hot coco for everyone,which resulted in making everyone warm,and earning her Cutie Mark

During her years at school, she became friends with Twilight Sparkle while working on projects together.

Bree is from a family of 4. Mother,Father and her brother,Aris. Like his sister,Aris is in Celestia's school also.

Bree moved to Ponyville after she graduated college and wanted to try things on her own for a change.


During her years at school,she was often teased for being smart. The other kids were simply jealous of her.She has overcome being so sensitive but it's still there,with her when she is laughed at. She can take a joke,but once her feelings are hurt,she's down in the dumps.


Bree has a white coat and a brown mane and tail. Her eyes are a darker shade of brown from her mane and tail. She always keeps her mane & tail in a messy bun. The ties she uses for that are pink.

She has her favorite Letterpony jacker to use during the cold weather. It's blue with white stripes on the cuffs of the sleeves. There are sleeves just for the forelegs,but theres a part hanging loose at the back to cover a bit of the thighs.

Bree with jacket

Bree is the type of pony to wear big sweaters,and be lazy yet productive.

She dislikes wearing dresses and would rather sleep,than party.

She's not comfortable wearing showy clothes for the sake of anypony else.

She is comfortable in her own skin and won't let anypony tell her otherwise.

Cutie Mark

Her cutie mark is a red mug of hot cocoa,with marshmallows and the steam forming hearts as it goes up


Bree has recently found a part-time job at a bookstore. She doesn't actually work,rather bring friends over to chat and warm up. She has a coffee/hot cocoa maker in the small staffroom/kitchen,as well as some biscuits in case of company.


Bree has a coltfriend called Lavabolt. They are always fighting but he makes up for it quickly before it gets harsh.


Bree has more than one talent,these include:

  • Making awesome hot coco
  • Cooking/Baking
  • Mane-styling
  • Playing the piano
  • & slightly good at singing

But she's not perfect at these talents. She specializes in making hot chocolate and cooking/baking.

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