Blue Eagle


Blue Eagle is a Pegasus born in Cloudsdale. She is the sister of Red Prowler. Unlike Red Prowler, Eagle moved to Appleloosa before moving to Ponyville. When Eagle was born, her parents died in a crash like Prowler's parents did. When Eagle turned 15, she signed up for Equestrian National Guard. She was eventually signed to the 45th Cloudsdale Pegasus unit.

Equestrian National Guard

When she signed up, she was assigned to the Cloudsdale 45th Pegasus unit

Emblem of 45th unit

in Cloudsdale, so she never knew about her sister, Red Prowler.


The "Eagle" part of her name comes from the F-15C Eagle, a USAF jet with high survival in dogfights

Her Blue and Black color almost match Ace Combat Zero's caracter Cipher's Paint Job

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