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BlueWing is a pony who lives in the outskirts of PonyVille. He plays the flute and sings, and composes many songs.


BlueWing has always been a lover of music and nature, who is very kind, and is usually making music... or sleeping. He's always willing to lend a helping hand to anypony who needs it. Also, he just absolutely adores apples. He will do anything to get one.


Terra Viridis - A young pony who is good friends with BlueWing. BlueWing has helped him a lot showing him around PonyVille.

Punkie Dee - A teenage pony who is good friends with BlueWing, and sings along with him a lot.

Striker Tang - An orphan pony who is from ManeHattan and is currently staying at BlueWing's Home.

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