"What? Never seen a mare play the sousaphone?"

Tough mare from Germaneigh and loving mother of Baseline



Beauty brass filly by capt nemo-d4giixu

Her as a filly

Beauty Brass was born in Germaneigh with her father (still thinking of a name) and mother (no name yet as well) as well as her grandfather, Silver Quill, who bummed about in his old age. From the day she could walk, her family started to teach her the musical arts. Her mother being a viola player and the father a professional trombonist there was some petty arguments over what the filly would play. As they presented her every instrument in their display room, to her parents despair, she walked over to the sousaphone and assertively chose it.
After that, her grandfather started to give her lessons which she enjoyed very much, given that prior to them all she knew was about her grandfather was that he was famous, old, and really liked cider.

Earning her Cutie Mark

On one specific practice session late at night, her grandfather left to use the facilities and took a long time (give him a break, he's old) and she grew bored. She looked around to see if anypony was near, and blasted a high F (highest tuba note possible[1]) and woke her parents up, as well as the inhabitants of adjacent houses. Upon creating the shockwave, which later became knows as the Sonic Tubaboom by her friends, her cutie mark appeared, a pink bass cleft. To this day nopony knows why it was pink.


During one of her family's performances, she met a stallion (who shall remain unnamed) with whom she began a relationship. At 16, she became pregnant with Baseline. However, when she told she told the father, he left without a word. Baseline was born on February 15th and was the apple of his mother's eye. As a child, Beauty Brass began to notice that her precious son had a problem with starting fires. Even her favorite couch didn't survive.

Leaving Germaneigh

After Baseline angered the military during training, she decided that it was time to leave. Given the inheritance from Silver Quill, she was able to make the trip safely. When she arrived, Princess Celestia, found her and offered her a place at the palace and a seat in the Canterlot Quartet.

More coming


Beauty Brass has a hardened character with a stiff upper lip. She believes in a rough parenting regimen, as in child conditioning. Such as if Baseline were to trip and fall, instead of helping him up, she would wait for him to get up by himself. However, she also has a feminine, compassionate side. She's forgiving and patient, how else could she live with Baseline's constant breaking of furniture?


  • Music
  • Cooking
  • Tree farming
  • Strong
  • Being Stubborn


  • Mother: (unnamed)
  • Father: (unnamed, something along the lines of (something) Brass)
  • Grandfather: Silver Quill (maternal side)
  • Husband: N/A
  • Son: Baseline Brass.  mlp_baseline



  • Chocolate
  • Music
  • Her family
  • Preforming
  • Cooking
  • Travel


  • Sneezing
  • Hiccups
  • Alonzo
  • Strawberry ice cream
  • Weaklings
  • 5/4 time

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