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This character is inactive.

This character has been inactive in our RP for a considerable amount of time, has voluntarily left the RP, or we've never had an account for them.

If this is an Original Character (OC), it shouldn't be re-created, copied, or adopted without the original player's permission. If this is a Show Character or Show-Derived Character, it may be up for adoption, contact the previous player for more information.

Azure Helm is a pegasus stallion who currently lives in Ponyville. His hometown is Canterlot.


Azure Helm has a very adaptable personality, ranging from a confidant, take-charge leader to a soft, gentle friend to a sharp-witted, analytic negotiator. He tries to adapt his personality to fit the situation. When push comes to shove, he defaults to a selfless mindset, willing to put himself in harm's way to help out.

During serious moments, he usually tries to analyze a situation as logically and rationally as possible. He considers the possibilities in a given scenario and, if necessary, takes charge to get the job done. If he suspects that somepony is in danger, he acts as quickly as possible, making him somewhat prone to overreacting.

When relaxing with friends, he is usually sociable and friendly. He has an underlying soft spot for nature and animals, especially cats. He is fascinated by mythical and supernatural creatures such as dragons and phoenixes. He enjoys leisurely flights out in the country, especially at night, and sharing meals with friends, though he tends to eat light.



Azure Helm was born and raised in Canterlot among the gentry. He was raised to be civil, polite, and respectful of all ponies, even if he didn't personally agree with somepony. His parents, Stalwart Shield and Violet Belle, didn't spoil him, but he always had plenty of material items. Still, he was raised to be generous and thoughtful.

Throughout his early years of schooling, he was blank-flanked. He managed to endure the years of ridicule among his classmates by laughing along with them, realizing that not yet knowing his talent left open a world of possibilities for him to explore. Still, he felt that his life was missing a deeper purpose. When he became a teenager, his parents entered him into the Equestrian Guard Academy. He began training to become a royal guard, and he was trained in the areas of combat, negotiation, diplomacy, and investigation. With access to sophisticated reading materials, he developed an extended vocabulary and a strong ability to interpret technical or obscure language.

Cutie mark

Azure Helm's Cutie Mark

During his second year of training, he encountered a life-threatening incident. On a training flight through a rocky canyon, his squad was caught in an avalanche. One of his squad-mates was pinned beneath a boulder, unable to escape. Without thinking, he began trying to lift the large rock by himself. He managed to lift the boulder just enough to release his squad-mate, then he passed out.

When he awoke in the hospital, he was in a bed next to his squad-mate who was still alive thanks to him. He felt a strange sense of fulfillment knowing that he kept his friend safe, and when he was released from the hospital a few days later, he noticed that he had his cutie mark: a shining knight's helmet with a feather plume.


He had little time to celebrate his newly-gained cutie mark. After the incident, the injured squadmate brought legal action against Azure, claiming that Azure caused the avalanche. The squadmate had a powerful and rich family, so the court ruled in their favor, sentencing Azure to 25 years of exile. At only 15 years old, he said his goodbyes and left Canterlot with a few bits, some field rations and a cloak from the academy, a then-recent copy of "Predictions and Prophecies" from his mother, and a dagger his father had been saving for when he graduated.

He began traveling alone across Equestria from settlement to settlement, occasionally staying in one place for up to a few weeks or a month. When work was available, he took it to keep himself fed and sheltered. However, more often than not, he wound up foraging for food and shelter in the wilderness. By relying on his guard training and developing a light appetite, he managed to survive.

Never staying in one place for very long, he was unable to form lasting relationships with other ponies, and he began to feel the effects of his solitude. He had practically memorized the book he took with him, and he longed for a change of scenery and a change of pace. He decided that he had to look for someplace new, someplace where he could consider settling down.

Out in the wilderness, he began diligently saving his bits from whenever he managed to find work. Eventually, 25 years after he first left Canterlot, he had enough saved for a train ticket and several days at an inn. He made his way to a train station and bought a one-way ticket to Ponyville. After 25 years, his days of wandering the wilds were over.

RP Experiences

Settling in Ponyville

After arriving in Ponyville, he quickly began making friends for the first time in years. He was amazed by how friendly and trusting the ponies in town were, however it was a welcome change of pace. It took him a few days to adjust to living with other ponies again, but he soon became very happy with his living conditions.

To catch up with the past 25 years of local history, he began spending a great deal of time at the Treebrary. While there, he overheard how the librarian, Twilight Sparkle, was having difficulty managing her immense responsibilities with the approach of Winter Wrap Up. Out of concern for her, he offered to help out and became the Assistant Organizer of Winter Wrap Up.

It was fortunate that he did so, because shortly afterwards Twilight found herself in the middle of a situation between Ponyville and the Fae. To further complicate matters, Twilight was further occupied when she and her friends were turned into fillies while exploring an ancient wizard's tower. Because of these circumstances, the majority of preparations for Winter Wrap Up fell on Azure's shoulders. Fortunately, he was able to keep the preparations on schedule, and Winter Wrap Up was successfully completed without any problems.


After Winter Wrap Up, Azure found he had much more time to spend with his friends. Together, they began making plans to explore the tower discovered by Twilight and her friends. However, these plans were delayed by a series of events triggered by the disappearance of Scamper, one of Azure's friends. While looking through his house at the request of Scamper's ex-marefriend, Cotton Orange, he discovered a package addressed to him. Inside was a magnificent golden sword with the word "Seacrest" engraved on the hilt.

After a bit of research and consulting with his friends, he discovered that Seacrest was the long-lost cursed sword of Darkmane the Dreaded, an ancient knight who once worked for Starswirl the Bearded. According to legend, the sword was created by a smith called Greycoat the Mystic as an attempt to form the perfect blade that would never become dull or brittle. However, the sword became cursed to corrupt the mind of whoever held it, driving them insane. Knowing that his friend Light Nighatos was an expert on magical weaponry, Azure decided to bring the sword to him to see if there was a way to lift the curse.

Seacrest, the cursed golden sword

After some experimentation, they discovered a series of glowing glyphs upon the blade: Проклятье безумия и зла. Azure's friend Blue Flame recognized the glyphs as the mark of a dark curse. They decided to keep the sword in the forge at Light's house, and Azure moved into one of the spare rooms. That night, he began having strange dreams about Seacrest as the curse began to affect him.

Azure knew that he had to hurry and find a way to lift the curse, but in order to do that, he had to know more about what he was dealing with. To learn more about the sword, he decided to do research on Darkmane and Starswirl. He discovered that Starswirl was very close to his knights, and he often wrote in journals about them which he kept with his prized possessions.

With his friends Rain Chaser, Blue Flame, and Light Nighatos, Azure went to explore the tower that had been discovered by Twilight and her friends in the Everfree Forest. The tower had once belonged to Starswirl, and it contained many valuable artifacts related to him. Down in the tower's basement, they encountered a door locked with a heavy security spell. However, they were prepared for this, and with Light's help, they managed to open the door, revealing Starswirl's private study.

Down in Starswirl's private study, Azure found a journal that talked about how Starswirl and Darkmane found Seacrest in a cave north of the tower. The journal also talked about how Starswirl's knight and friend had once been known as Darkmane the Dutiful, but the discovery of Seacrest drove the two of them apart. It said that Darkmane stole the sword from Starswirl. It drove him mad, and he began attacking ponies, earning him the name of Darkmane the Dreaded.

The journal also contained a map leading to the location where Seacrest was discovered and possibly forged, north of the tower in the Everfree Forest. Azure went out to the location described and found a clearing with a small cliff. When he examined the cliff, he found the same runes that were present on Seacrest. He deduced that Seacrest acted as a key of sorts, and that the only way to enter the location of the sword's discovery was to bring it there.

Accompanied by Light Nighatos and Blue Flame, Azure brought Seacrest to the cave's location, and his theory was confirmed when the entrance to the cave revealed itself. Inside the cave, they discovered a mysterious unicorn who claimed that he knew of a way to lift the curse upon Seacrest. He asked Azure to give him the sword so that he could demonstrate the technique. Seeing no better alternative, he agreed to trust the mysterious pony and handed over the sword.


Darkmane, former knight of Starswirl the Bearded

With Seacrest in his possession, the unicorn told them that he was none other than Darkmane, the original wielder of the sword, and he explained the true nature of the curse. When he first found Seacrest, a link was forged between him and the sword, tying their lives together. When the sword found its way to another owner, it rejected the new owner and corrupted their mind, driving them insane. Because he was linked to the sword, Darkmane was kept alive so that he would witness the countless ponies who succumbed to the curse.

Darkmane explained that the only way to lift the curse was for the sword to accept a new master, one whose heart was not dark as his was when he first discovered the sword. To do that, Darkmane and Seacrest had to be defeated in combat. Knowing that there was no other way, Azure accepted the challenge and faced Darkmane in a fight where neither side could hold back.

At the end of the fight, Azure managed to disarm and pin Darkmane. Knowing that he had already suffered by witnessing countless ponies driven insane, Azure decided to spare his life, knowing that the sword would recognize him as its master without him having to kill Darkmane. Because of his act of kindness, the curse on Seacrest was lifted, and the glowing runes disappeared from its surface. With the sword now safe for Azure to wield, he and his friends left the cave and returned to the town.


During his stay at the Hillhouse, Azure became heavily involved in the lives of his friends Light Nighatos and Cotton Orange. He had always harbored feelings for Cotton, but she had developed a relationship with Light, and his respect for Light and their friendship kept him from expressing these feelings. Even so, the friendship and love between the three of them flourished. Azure occupied his mind with his preparations to open a dojo in town, which included teaching himself and practicing varied forms of martial arts and meditation.

One day, Azure and Light woke up to find that in the place of their friend Cotton was a young filly. The filly claimed that she was still Cotton and certainly seemed to be the mare they both loved, but her body and mind were young and playful instead of mature and controlled as it had been. Bound by their consciences and their love for her, they decided to care for filly Cotton as they would their own foal.

While they enjoyed the change in pace around the Hillhouse, Light was eager to see his full-grown love again. He began researching a way to reverse the effects of whatever had happened to Cotton. He discovered that there was a sacred well hidden away within the ruins of a temple in the Mexicolt Desert. With that discovery, the three of them began planning a trip that would change their lives forever.

Within days, they left the Hillhouse and set out for the desert. They took the train to Mexicolt City where they began gathering information on where the temple ruins were. Having arrived in town late in the day, they decided to spend the night in town before striking out into the desert. That night, as Azure began meditating in his hotel room, he experienced a momentary sensation of incredible awareness - of himself, of his surroundings, even of ponies in the nearby rooms. This was his first experience with the Ki arts, one of many to come.

The next day, Azure, Light, and filly Cotton set off into the desert to find the temple for which they were searching. They found the temple surrounded by a desert oasis, on an island in the center of a clear lake. It was near sunset when they discovered the oasis, so they decided to camp out before crossing.

The next day, as they made their way across the lake and ferried their supplies, filly Cotton confessed that she wasn't exactly who they thought she was. She was a magical creature called a Hex - a result of conflicting magic cast on their friend Cotton and resulting in her current form. She was Cotton, but she had a separate mind and soul. Still, she was willing to give up her place so that Cotton could have her life back.

After entering the temple ruins, Azure and Light were separated to face individual trials. Azure's first trial required him to face a swarm of parasprites. His recent experience with his Ki gave him the idea and ability to incapacitate all off the parasprites at once, allowing him to proceed unimpeded. His second trial was a test of his resolve. He was faced with temptation and the choice to either have his heart's desires, including Cotton's love, or to continue on with his current objective.

Azure passed his trials and soon met up with Light, who had also passed his own trials. However, Light had been incapacitated by a recent attack, the nature of which he chose to keep secret. Regardless, they pressed on to find the reward they had sought - the water of the sacred well. Most of it has been taken by the mysterious attackers, but there was still enough to turn Cotton back to a full-grown mare. Unfortunately, that was no longer enough for the group, as they now intended to help both Cotton and their new friend, Hex.

Cotton, Hex, Light, and the Fusharan

After returning from Mexicolt, Light Nighatos and Azure felt that simply restoring Cotton Orange to her mare form was not enough. They also needed to find a way to help their new friend, Orange Hex, the filly form of Cotton. In the short time they had been together, they had bonded and formed close friendships. They decided that the only option was to separate the two consciousnesses in the hopes that they would each be able to enjoy their own lives.

With no other choice, Light decided to call in the support of his family, the Fusharan. The Fusharan were a secretive group of ponies with a mysterious and mythical past. Light's relative Brooke came to the Hillhouse to assist with the separation of Cotton and Hex. With Brooke's assistance, their spirits were successfully separated. However, only Cotton remained in her mare form, and in Hex's place was only an orange rose.

Believing that Hex was gone forever, Brooke left and they all went back to their daily lives. Light and Cotton, having bonded over their experiences, began forming a romantic relationship with each other. Azure went on to open up the Azure Dojo in town with Light's help. Cotton, having retained no memory of the events, looked to Azure and Light for help putting her life back in perspective. Each of them vowed to stick together and to keep watching out for each other.

However, they would soon discover that Hex was not gone forever.

Return to Canterlot

The Derarans

Sapphire Helm and Cotton


As a relatively older pony than most, Azure has accumulated a wide variety of skills throughout his life. His array of abilities is mostly accredited to his rigorous training as a youth and his subsequent travels.

Research: Having been schooled in Canterlot, Azure quickly learned how to properly do research. He learned how to skim through information quickly and efficiently pick out important details.


One of the daggers carried by Azure

Combat: At the Academy, Azure received basic training in both armed and unarmed combat. After leaving the academy, he honed his combat skills while surviving in the wild. After arriving in Ponyville, he began studying the arts of armed and unarmed more closely in preparation for opening a dojo in town. His preferred weapon is currently his dagger.

Intelligence: As a guard in training, Azure had to be able to think on his hooves. He learned how to analyze situations logically and quickly. He also developed the ability to weigh decisions and actions from an objective point of view without letting emotions cloud his judgement.

Endurance: Intense physical training at the Academy has given Azure a high degree of stamina. His ability to resist fatigue is further helped by an enchanted necklace forged for him by Light Nighatos, though he only wears it when the need is great.

Diplomacy: As part of his guard training, Azure was instructed in the art of diplomatic interactions. He learned how to be respectful and calm during both anticipated and surprise interactions with others. He also learned how to effectively negotiate when asking others for information.

Selflessness: Azure's special talent is selflessness, a form of generosity. He will give freely of himself to help anypony he sees in need, especially if they are in danger.


Ichigo Smoshberry

Ichigo, Azure's ex-marefriend

Ichigo Smoshberry: One of the first ponies he met upon arriving in Ponyville. He and Ichigo quickly became friends, and when she heard that he had no place to stay, she invited him to stay with her at a cottage near the edge of Ponyville. After spending several days together, they starting going out together. However, Azure realized that his feelings for her were no more than those for a good friend. They decided to stop dating, but they remained friends.

Rain Chaser: On one of his first days in Ponyville, Azure joined an expedition to find a sunken temple in Froggy Bottom Bog with several ponies, including Rain Chaser. Their expedition was cut short when they were attacked by a hydra, and they fled back to Ponyville. Rain Chaser was wounded in the attack, and Azure carried him to the hospital later that night. Since then, they discovered much in common and became close friends.


A hydra in Froggy Bottom Bog

Scamper: Scamper was the first pony Azure met when he came to Ponyville. They hit it off and became friends. Scamper was the one who organized the expedition into Froggy Bottom Bog, and Azure wound up saving his life by carrying him away from the hydra. Azure did not see Scamper again until several weeks later, shortly after which Scamper disappeared. He reappeared after several days, much to the joy and surprise of Azure and his friends.

Light Nighatos: During a lonely night, he met Light during a moonlit sojourn just outside of Ponyville. The two of them soon struck up a friendship and began spending time with each other. Azure discovered that Light was shrouded in mystery as both he and his assistant Cyan suffered from amnesia. He decided to help Light uncover his past to the best of his abilities. After breaking up with Ichigo, Azure began staying at Light's home, the Hillhouse. Light was present with Azure when Scamper disappeared.

Cotton Orange: When Azure first met Cotton, she was very shy towards him. However, they soon became friends and started spending time together. One night, Cotton revealed that she and Scamper had previously been together, but they were separated two years ago. She went out to meet him again that night with Azure and Light Nighatos. After fully revealing their past together, Scamper told them he couldn't stay with them anymore, and he charged Azure with keeping Cotton safe just before he disappeared. Azure readily accepted the responsibility, already harboring feelings of affection for Cotton.

Azure Helm Painting 2

A painting of Azure with his sapphire necklace

Infinity Francour: Azure met Infinity, or Fin, when she moved into the Hillhouse. They get along and became friends within a short time. As a painter, she made several portraits of the Hillhouse residents including Azure. One night, in a fit of grief and guilt, she fled the Hillhouse and went into the Everfree Forest. Azure and her other friends went after her and wound up fighting off a manticore before bringing her safely back to the Hillhouse.

Twilight Sparkle: Azure met Twilight shortly after he arrived in town, several weeks before Winter Wrap Up. With the approach of Winter Wrap Up, he noticed that Twilight was having difficulty managing her added responsibilities. He offered to assist her and was made Assistant Organizer of Winter Wrap Up. While their relationship has been mostly professional, Azure has a great deal of respect for Twilight as an historical figure trying to live a normal life.

About the Player

My name is Andrew. I'm 20 years old and I live on the US East Coast. Aside from RP, I spend time practicing kali (a form of martial arts), playing video games, and browsing the Internet. And, of course, I'm a big fan of MLP:FiM. I've been in the RP since late February 2012. I'm friendly to everyone in the RP until they give me a reason not to. I try to adhere to the guidelines as much as possible, and I'll enforce the ones about which I feel strongly. If I see someone acting in a way that doesn't suit the RP, I often try to help them out either by giving them advice or referring them to the guidelines.

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