Avril Blue-Rose is a changeling I created when making one of my pony OC's look like a changeling in some art I did. I decided I wanted to finally have a changeling account, and I heard not a lot of changelings are getting excepted anymore (or was that just me?) so she is no longer part of the hive as her story may explain.



(actual Sapphire changeling art turned into Avril)

When Princess Cadence and Sir Shining Armor used there love to save Equestria after the changeling invasion, Avril was seperated far from any other changeling and was knocked out cold. When she awoke, she forgot what had happened, where she was, and everyone she knew, all she knows now is her name, and that she is not a pony, she still doesn't know what she is though. She knows some of her abilities, but doesn't know her full potential. Before that she was the humble servant to Queen Chrysalis, and mainly ossociated round the hive, but since she forgot just about everything, even if she had found it again, she'd probably of thought it was just another building.

To Present Day

Avril wanders Equestria, disguising herself whenever possible, not wanting to be seen as an outcast. Usually she can be found staying at a hiding place at Ponyville she made in order to scare ponies , not knowing that feeding of there love is stronger. She hopes to find the species she belongs to and then to stay with them and find out who she was.

Likes and Dislikes


  • cloudy days
  • starry nights
  • snow
  • flying
  • disguises


  • sunny days
  • loud noises
  • arguments

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