Art and Artistry is Flash Draw's temporary studio while he is working in Ponyville. The building houses both a living space and a working space. As of this writing a window is broken in the building. After an argument Flash had with somepony.

DESIGN: The design of the studio is rather simple, it's a block shaped, 2 floor building. It has an ornamental fake pony skull outside the door. There's only a small nameplate signaturing that somepony lives and work here. It's set up so that it wont catch attention.

LOCATION: The studio is located a couple hundred yards south of Whitetail Wood It's a rather convenient place, since Flash can draw and paint pictures of all the ponies taking a nice walk in the woods outside.

LAYOUT: The first floor houses most off the art supplies and and work stations of Flash. Someponies that have visited Flash, also pointed out a Harmonica laying close to one of his work stations. It is unconfirmed but believed that he can play it. The first floor also holds a kitchen.

The second floor has Flash's bedroom, which has a single bed alongside a sleebing bed for what is believed to be a baby dragon. Flash never allows anypony in his bedroom. There is also a second bedroom which Flash has said that his brother have used in the past, it is also sparingly furnished. The final entry is a lookout window, where he can sit and draw pictures of Ponyville.


After Flash lost his memory, this building went to his Brother Zipp. Zipp keepes a few mementos from Flash including his harmonica, but he isn't one for sad endings. Zipp reorganzied the building into a living space and not a store. The lower floor no longer houses work stuff, it houses a living room and Zipp's memories of Flash. Upstairs Flash's bedroom stays vacand, preserved in the way Flash left it so that he can return home at any time.

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