Hi, I'm Aron Martin. As it were I'm a travaler and haven't been in the area for a long time. I've seen much of the world and is interested in settling down.

Basic information

While traveling I bought a lance for protection, but thankfully never used it. He carries it as a keep sake. He is loyal to his friends. He also is very polite when addressing people. Lives in a small camp out side of the Everfree. His magic is a bright crimsond.


As his cutiemark is a lance standing for chivalry and loyalty. This doesn't suggest what magic he has. In his travels he learned many tricks, but many of them unimpressive.


He loves a bath at the spa (Just don't call him a girly pony).


He has a great hatred of poison joke. His bother.


Zen Martin. They are brothers, but have compleatly oposet personalities.


'Lance '- Enchanted to do no real harm. If hit you will yake non leatal damage. Worst case sernario you faint. See for a better explaination.

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