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Aquatice, or Aqua as he is commonly called, is a pegasus who came to Ponyville from his home near Canterlot. He is currently serving as one of the lifeguards at the Ponyville Public Pool, and specializes in everything water-based.


Aquatice is a blue Pegasus Pony whose mane and tail are a darker blue with the tail containing cyan streaks. He rarely takes the time to truly brush his mane, and usually just lets it fall as-is. He's not as outgoing and social as most ponies, but will never say no if somepony asks for help. Additionally, he is a bit of a klutz and will manage to trip over the smallest of obstacles, and can typically be seen toting around his saddlebags which are full of various supplies.


Having lived in his parents' home by the ocean, Aqua became infatuated with the sea when he was only a little colt. Eventually he became so infatuated that he began learning how to use his wings to swim on his own, rather than taking lessons. He became so infatuated with the water that he began skipping flight school in order to swim and explore.

Aqua's swimming, though it gave him very strong wings, caused him to lose the ability to fly. When his parents saw Aqua struggling to fly one day they finally took him into flight school so he could relearn the skill. Presently he has regained the ability fly and is still able swim with his wings, but maintains that, to him, swimming feels much more natural than flying.

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