Apple Strudel is a very happy pony. She is consider somewhat lazy, because she loves to rest and relax, but when somepony needs a helping hoof, she is always there. She loves a nice adventure. Strudel is basically seen as a nice, helping and friendly pony.


Apple Strudel was born in Appleloosa, where she spent all her life, but her parents wanted to send her to Ponyville, so she can meet new friends and help around. Apple S. didn't have anything against that because she seeked a more interesting life.

Skills, Hobbies

Strudel isn't a very skillful pony, her strudel-baking in her only talent, but she would love to take her talents further and become a baker, she loves to learn new recipies for any kind of strudel, pie, cake etc. But she has a lot of hobbies like: running, dancing sometimes, finding stuff out, helping, playing with animals/ponies.

Acquaintances & Friends

  • Flare Wing
  • Trontonuva
  • Orange Wafer (cousin)
  • Lighting Blitz

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