Apple Fritter is generally a happy pony, who is always looking to hang out with others if she likes them. Usually she has no opinion either why until she's proven wrong. She can be found at Sweet Apple Acres, or around town. She can be most commonly found around town, as she has a nasty habit of falling asleep where she's standing.


Fritter is from Appleloosa, but has been staying in Ponyville for quite some time. She is currently helping with AppleJack's cart, but can also be found working on her own. Although this is rare, it does happen. Currently, she's busy trying to make some new kind of Fritters.


Fritter is at the time not interested in a marefriend or a stallionfriend, so if you are looking for that you should look elsewhere. However, she does go on dates and such and will not shy away from it if you ask her. Just make you're intentions clear or you migh get hurt. Emotionally, that is.

She has been known to somewhat have an affectionate relationship to her cart. Certain ponies have made fun of her in the past but she doesn't mind. In short, messing with her cart is most likely the worst thing you could do against her.

Apple Fritter is currently living with Berry Punch on a sort of irregular basis. They have no relationship status as of yet, but are considered to be close friends. They are closer than best friends but quite not at the state of being together.


Fritter is not skilled in many things but recently, after a trip to Detrot City, she got to show off her skills with her beloved cart. In the end, after many hours of waiting and Berry being with her for comfort, she got 6th place. Still, Apple Fritter was proud and consider herself quite the Cart builder, renovater and whatnot.

Occasionally if you are lucky, you might get to hear her play on her harmonica or fiddle. Although it's rare that she shares this talent with anypony, you might just get lucky once.