An archive of past announcements that were located on the front page, ordered earliest to latest.


February 12, 02:37: NEW Front Page

We're currently experimenting with the new, super-shiny front page layout created by our very own Wind Cheer. It's been sitting in a back room by itself, and it's high time that we trotted it out in full tack. There's still some incomplete bits, like the Getting Involved page, but it's more or less ready to roll!

February 15, 23:48: Navigation

Look near the top of the page and you'll see our handy (hoofy?) dandy navigation bar!! That bar will always be there, so you can easily jump from one article to the next! It is organized in such a way as to allow you, the user, quickly find the information you are look for. So why not give it a try!

February 16, 00:03: Forum

We also have a new feature, brought to us by Wikia, a FORUM! We already have an existing forum [[1]], but we envision the forum on the wiki to be about the wiki. Specifically if you have a page that, instead of just commenting on, you'd like to make suggestions for, and have a discussion about, then that is what the forum is for. The other forum is for more general Twitterpony related news events and coordination.

March 1, 00:10: Twitter Handles & Vandalism

There's been a recent rash of people going around and changing the Twitter handles of active characters on the wiki. Please don't do this, it's very disrespectful and will get your IP temporarily banned from the wiki.

Remember, a character is defined as inactive when it has not tweeted anything of substance in the past 30 days and should be marked as such using the {{Inactive}} tag. Additionally, an OC should never be claimed by someone who does not own it without the creator's consent.

Also of note, there has been some fighting over which pony is "official", especially in regards to certain well-loved background ponies. The rule here is that it is first-come first-serve on the wiki. If a character is active, do not claim the page by changing the Twitter link in the character infobox. Doing so will earn you a lengthy ban from the wiki. However, you are more than free to create a new page for your particular interpretation of whichever character you are making a duplicate of.

Finally, vandalism is NEVER tolerated on the wiki and will earn you an instant IP ban for at least a year. Perhaps more.

Seriously. Don't do it.

June 21, 21:19: New Forum!

We have a brand-new forum right here. Come join up and engage in better-formatted asynchronous communication.

October 23, 21:19: We Have Arrived!

Almost three years ago, Twitterponies began with eight accounts, six people, and a simple idea: Be ponies, and use Twitter to do so. Today, we have truly arrived in the internet consciousness in the form of an official definition on Urban Dictionary.

December 26, 14:03: DO NOT STEAL ART

Please note: Stealing someone elses pony art, for this Wiki, or for your twitter account is NOT okay.  If we find any stolen art, we will delete your Wiki-page, ban you from the Wiki, contact the artist and provide them your IP address and screenshots of the stolen art, and contact twitter for a copyright infringement.  DO NOT STEAL ART.


April 9, 03:46

Thanks to  that_taco_guy, our sadly ignored website at twitterponies.comnow has a brand new and really awesome facelift.

Additionally, I shamelessly stole copied the Messagebox template from TibiaWiki and have used it - with the help of that_taco_guy - to facelift some of our informational message templates that you might encounter around the wiki. Hopefully the TibiaWiki guys don't mind too much.

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