Ambassedress SkyHeader at her best.

Sky Header is the Ambassedress of the Gryphon Kingdom,adopted daughter of King GriffionVI and honerary member of the Canterlot Civil Court.


Sky is an easy going griffon but can put her paw down when there needs to be order. She is outgoing and friendly and is always there for her fellow comerades and friends and of course King GriffionVI.


Being a very clever gryphon,she can win arguments in a flash and trick ponys easily.She is also quite sneaky,even passing the most keen guard! She knows claw to paw and hoof to hoof combat and is a very fast flyer like her sister StarScream. Unlike other griffons,she walks on her two hind legs.((Greefo,Starscream and King griffion do the same.))


Sky Comes from a long line of strong,wealthy,hard-headed gryphons that are close friend of the royal family. She got into politics and combat around age 17. Now she is a pround ambassedress of the Gryphon Kingdom.


King GriffionVI (mlp_griffionVI)- Her adoptieve father and King of the Gryphon Kingdom. Argus Persimone (mlp_Argus) Argus is and old friend of hers and now her GriffonFriend. StarScream- Star is her Biolagical sister and the Captian of the GriffonBolts. Prince Greefo (mlp_greefo)-Her little brother and Prince of the griffon kingdom.

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