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Mlp dragon
Twitter Mlp_Alexus
Species Dragons
Gender Male
Eyes Black
Scales Green
Coat N/A
Cutie mark N/A
Player Timezone GMT +0


Alexus is a small green baby dragon, he is 9 years old.


Alexus is useually very happy, jolly and smiling, he will always try to make ponies laugh and will always try to impress, Alexus always accepts change and can be very open minded, he favorite treat is Purple Gem stones!


Alexus was hatched in a small cave in the DragonLands and lived with his Dragon Mom, Dad and brother for 8 1/2 years, his family had a rivalry with another Dragon family over a hord so his parents sent him and his brother away, to find a new place to live.

Alexus found his way to Ponyville using the Everfree Forest where met another dragon called Kanmeros, who cared and loved him, for a few weeks before introducing him to the Skies Family .

Alexus made quick friends with the skies and bonded well with StormySkies,the father, and was adopted into the family.

Alexus now spends his time with his family, kicking back having laughs and enjoying himself, sometimes visiting his dragon family for celebrations and birthdays.

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