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80sHoneycup Spoon is an Pegasus pony Party Animal. Her hometown is Manehattan, where she partied all night long. She holds a rubber chicken called Sassy Ruddles. Spoon was a great party animal like Pinkie Pie she knows her but she doesn't want to tell her that she parties because of her and Cheese Sandwich. She is also very friendly and wants to be an alicorn like Twilight Sparkle or Princess Celestia she wants to be that fun Alicorn princess party animal she wants dreamed of that. (every dream she has is 'bout that) She is also a active prankster like, Pinkie Pie or Rainbow Dash. She often does crazy things like say something crazy or do something crazy she doesn't even know why she does this. (her doctor says this is unhealthy but she can't stop) She also eats a lot of candy and cake the Cake Family usually sees her everyday! (serious they always get ready because she orders that same thing) 80s currently lives in Ponyville and her house number is #157. At Sugarcube Corner she gets Honey and sometimes she steals a couple spoons, the Cake Family doesn't care thou.


80sHoneycup Spoon is a fun party animal the likes the play all the time. She is outgoing for a pegasus she wants to be just like Pinkie Pie, she loves to have new friends and always wanted to say hi to Pinkie Pie. Every night she usually goes to Sugarcube Corner and steals a couple spoons and then runs off to her house and makes a birthday cake and the candles are spoons!


80s putting spoons in the cake.

She is also very friendly and very playful she is messy and unorganized she is usually cleaning up her mess everyday in the morning when she wakes up she usually loves it because she gets to see her party after it was well DONE partying!


80sHoneycup Spoon was raised on a farm close to Manehattan like very close to the train station she lived there until she was 'bout 10 then she moved to Canterlot and then she lived there until she was a full adult then she moved to Ponyville and she had a great time she also met Pinkie Pie she was so excited because there was a pony like her and then she met Cheese Sandwich when it was Rainbow Dash's Birthday party she realized she needed to talk to them and then they would create a super amazing party.

She also met her parents in Canterlot right after when she was going home there was a wedding and then the Changelings attacked! She tried to stay inside with her parents but she had to get on the train so she ran and then she saw Elements of Harmony Mane 6 people. Which was Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie (yay), and then the others and whatevs. She tried to stay hi but she got caught by the changelings and never got to say hi.

80s Sense

Like Pinkie Pie's Pinkie Sense she has a 80s sense she can predict songs playing and parties happening she always gets to see them because she knows where they are she always has fun at them to! One day she knew Pinkie had a Pinkie Sense so she FINALLY talked to her and said this, "Hi Pinkie Pie. I know you have a Pinkie Sense I have a Pinkie Sense of my own it's called 80s sense. *boring stuff* BLAH BLAH" she told her how her 80s sense worked and then she said goodbye.

Player Notes

Player is CST-4/-5. Player enjoys interacting with new ponies! Just trot up and say hi! ^.^

"Pinkie is her SENPAI."

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